Profiles: Korea Era and Later:

Bobby Moore


Credit: Courtesy of Bobby Moore and the U.S. Air Force.
"Because of the career field that I picked, civil engineering, I get something called a 'kicker'–an additional $350 a month. Together with the Selected Reserve GI Bill, my benefits come out to about $600-700 a month. . . . It's very simple. At the end of each month, they send me an e-mail. . . . I just click on a link, log in, and verify that I've been going to school and then they direct deposit the MGIB to my account."

-Cadet Bobby Moore

When political science major Bobby Moore signed up with the Air Force Reserve and the Air Force ROTC program at NC State, he was continuing a family tradition. His father served for a total of 26 years in the air force, including two tours of duty in Vietnam, and his older brother joined the reserves to help pay for college at NCCU. Master Sergeant Fred Moore met his wife, Chong, while stationed in Korea. Today, both Fred Jr. and Bobby work one weekend a month and summers at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro. Both were also deployed to Iraq in 2003. As members of the 916 Civil Engineering Squadron, they turned a spot in the desert into an air base. Bobby Moore's main responsibility as a generator technician was to keep the camp powered 24 hours a day. As a reservist, Cadet Moore is not eligible for the ROTC scholarship. Instead, he is relying on the Selected Reserve GI Bill to complete his education.


Credit: Courtesy of Bobby Moore.

Brothers Bobby and Fred Moore in Iraq, spring 2003.


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