DrMetcalf provides online access to information on cicadas, leafhoppers, planthoppers, spittlebugs, and treehoppers, including a searchable bibliographic database for retrieving literature on these groups, which together comprise the group Auchenorrhyncha. The database includes nearly 12,000 early publications (1741-1955). Few electronic databases cover the early literature for any insect group. Because the focal groups are common and widespread, users may find the database helpful for retrieving many older works on insects in general. DrMetcalf also includes an overview of the group Auchenorrhyncha and each of its major subgroups. These overviews present information on distribution, morphology, ecology and behavior, as well as selected links and selected references published since 1955 (some by Metcalf). Links to GigaPan images permit users to browse the NC State Insect Collections's holdings of the five major groups within Auchenorrhyncha. Moreover, the website is named for the late Dr. Zeno P. Metcalf, whose life is inseparably linked to the study of these insects. An associated website, TREEHOPPERS (in preparation) will include a checklist of treehopper genera (with photographs and distribution data) and an up-to-date searchable bibliography on the treehoppers. Our target audience includes specialists in entomology, crop protection, and zoology. The resource should also be valuable to those in related life sciences.

DrMetcalf is the product of a partnership among the NC State Department of Entomology, the NC State University Libraries, the University of Illinois, the Illinois Natural History Survey, the Systematic Entomology Laboratory (United States Department of Agriculture) and researchers at several other institutions (see the acknowledgements section below).

This material is based on work supported by the National Science Foundation (Grants DEB-9815867, to L. L. Deitz, Principal Investigator; DEB-9978026 PEET Program, to C. H. Dietrich and L. L. Deitz, Principal Investigators; DBI-0847924, to A. R. Deans and B. M. Wiegmann, Principal Investigators), the NC State Agricultural Research Service, and the NC State Libraries.

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The NC State University Libraries holds two of the world's premiere entomology collections, the Metcalf Collection and the Tippmann Collection. Many of these volumes are now available as part of the Internet Archive.



Introduction prepared by L. L. Deitz. 1 December 2008.

Suggested citation of the electronic publication DrMetcalf: Deitz, L. L. (team leader). 2008 (and updates). DrMetcalf: a resource on cicadas, leafhoppers, planthoppers, spittlebugs, and treehoppers. [note: various additional authors are listed in each section]

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