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NCSU Libraries

The NCSU Libraries serves as the gateway to knowledge and information for the NC State community and its partners. The library system consists of a central library (D. H. Hill) and four branches for design, natural resources, textiles, and veterinary medicine. The Libraries is heavily involved in digital initiatives and is the lead server site for NC LIVE, a multi-type library project that makes digital resources accessible to the residents of North Carolina.


The Geographic Information Coordinating Council (GICC) fosters cooperation among government agencies, universities and the private sector. It creates policy and resolves technical issues related to North Carolina geographic information and GIS systems. The GICC's mission is to improve the quality, access, cost-effectiveness and utility of North Carolina's geographic information and promote geographic information as a strategic resource for the State. The Center for Geographic Information and Analysis provides staff support for the Council.


The North Carolina Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (CGIA) is a division within the Office of Information Technology Services. CGIA is the lead coordinating agency in state government for geographic information. Established in 1977 as part of the Land Policy Act under the name of Land Resources Information Service, CGIA implemented one of the first fully operational state geographic information systems in the country. Its traditional mission has been to build and maintain a statewide database of digital geographic information and to provide GIS services to a broad list of clients including federal agencies, state government agencies, local government and regional organizations, the private sector, and academic institutions. Technological improvements in GIS software coupled with the availability of Internet web-mapping tools have created new opportunities for the use of geographic information by government and the public.

NC OneMap

NC OneMap is a public service providing comprehensive discovery and access to North Carolina’s geospatial data resources. It is an organized effort of numerous partners throughout North Carolina, involving local, state, and federal government agencies, the private sector and academia. It is the geospatial backbone supporting North Carolina data users. NC OneMap is the State Clearinghouse for geospatial information.

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