Edward Donovan, 1768-1837.

An Epitome of the Natural History of the Insects of India.

London: Printed for the Author by T. Bensley, Bolt Court, Fleet Street, 1800.

Four years before the publication of this volume, Donovan published a work entitled An Epitome of the Insects of China. Because of the favorable reception the book received, Donovan decided to publish a similar work and focus on the insects of India.

Donovan believed it was important to study the entomological specimens of India because, at that time, the British empire included India. Naturalists such as Donovan thought that the natural history of India would be of particular interest to the British people. Donovan also considered his work beneficial to the residents of India.

Drawing of a bug called the "coleoptera."  It appears in a work by Donovan about insects of India.