School of Design Patents

Dr. J.D. Paulson

In 1972 J.D. Paulson worked on patenting an improved internal combustion rotary motor. This diagram shows Paulson's sketch of the motor and notes on its functioning. The elements he noted as being unique to his design were two elliptical channels, centrifugal sweepers, interchange of gaseous fuel between channels, and simultaneous firing on the sides opposite the center.
Sketches by Dr. Paulson of centrifugal sweeper.

Notes written by Paulson.

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In 1959, Jehu Dewitt Paulson was awarded a design patent for his design of an elevated storage tower for use with granular or other gravitationally fluid material. This notice from the U.S. Patent Office declares its approval and the issuance of a Design Letters Patent.
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Notice from the U.S. Patent Office to Paulson indicating that his design for an elevated storage tower had been approved.