Qualitative Research Series, 1 of 2: Getting Started


Friday, April 10
12:30 PM to 2:00 PM

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Workshop Description

Qualitative research is a powerful tool for analyzing the nuance and details of how people make meaning and understand the world around them. Whether you are a social scientist studying identity, or a designer studying consumer preferences, qualitative research is an important addition to your research. In this workshop, we will cover the logic behind qualitative research and the different types of methods you can use to collect and analyze data. For instance, what does it mean to code an interview transcript? What is theoretical saturation and how does this inform sample size? What is a semi-structured interview and how do I make an interview protocol? In the workshop, we will mix lecture with hands-on activities, to build a base of knowledge for you to employ qualitative methods in your future projects.

Speaker biography:

Andrew Smolski is a doctoral candidate in sociology. For more than 5 years, Andrew has taught lower-level and upper-level undergraduate courses. For the last year, he has worked on literature review workshops with graduate students as part of the Peer Scholars Program. His research focuses on agri-food systems and political economy, with an emphasis on Latin America and the United States. He collaborates with scholars from Animal Sciences, Crop Sciences, and Agriculture and Human Sciences, building interdisciplinary projects. He has published in Capital & Class, Agriculture, and Development in Practice. As coordinating editor of Latin American Perspectives, a generalist Latin American Studies peer-reviewed journal, he reviews and edits manuscripts in English, Spanish and Portuguese from a global network of scholars.

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