MATLAByrinth Part 1: Getting Started!


Monday, January 14
2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

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Workshop Description

MATLAByrinth, is a series of four comprehensive workshops on MATLAB aimed at beginners in scientific research. Participants will learn about using tools available in MATLAB for modeling complex scientific problems. The first two workshops, "MATLAByrinth Part 1 & 2: Getting Started!" is highly recommended for those who aren’t very familiar with programming or have lost touch using the software. It begins with an introduction to the basics of programming using MATLAB, followed by multiple exercises to ease into various concepts like vectors, matrices, arrays, looping, decision making, functions, and plotting. The session will end with utilizing the concepts learnt to model two real-life scenarios, followed by a short quiz to briefly revisit what was taught. While the first two workshops familiarizes the concepts and tools, the third and fourth workshops will address complex mathematical modelling using algebra, calculus, and advanced plotting. These will be particularly useful for undergraduate and graduate students at the beginner level of scientific research with some background in programming. PLEASE NOTE: It is not required to take all four  workshops!

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Shaun Bennett

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