Visualization Space Templates

The following tables indicate which templates are available for specific platforms and spaces. They will help you design large-scale content for the the high-tech visualization labs and rooms in the Hill and Hunt libraries, and the video walls built into the public spaces around the Hunt Library.

High-Tech Visualization Spaces

Creativity Studio Teaching & Viz Lab Visualization Studio (Hill)
Image Templates .zip .zip
After Effects .zip
Photoshop .zip
PowerPoint .zip .zip
Google Slides slides
HTML .zip

Video Walls

While submissions to be displayed on the video walls at the Hunt Library are encouraged, contact us before you begin production work. Email for more information. All content submissions are subject to the editorial review of NCSU Libraries.

Art Wall Commons Wall iPearl Immersion Theater Visualization Wall
Image Templates .zip .zip .zip .zip
After Effects .zip
Photoshop .zip .zip .zip .zip
Web .zip .zip .zip .zip
PowerPoint .zip
Processing .zip .zip .zip .zip

You can use this Adobe export preset file with Adobe Media Encoder to export files for the video walls with our recommended settings. You can read more about using this .epr file here.

Using the Templates

Documentation for the templates has been written using the markup language Markdown (.md). GitHub's open source text editor, Atom, offers a Markdown Preview Package. Learn about other ways to open and read Markdown files here.

Alternatively, these templates are also organized in a GitHub repository by the platform with which you are producing your work, e.g., Photoshop, web, etc. Once you know your platform, you can find templates for individual walls and spaces within that folder.

Except where otherwise noted, these templates are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License by North Carolina State University. You will retain full ownership of the work that you produce using these templates and do not need to include attribution on work being presented in the Hill and Hunt libraries. If you are sharing the templates, please link to