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Adapted from COVID-19 Resources Guide,Welch Medical Library, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Thanks, Katie Lobner!

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PubMed Searches

General PubMed Search

"COVID-19"[tw] OR "COVID19"[tw] OR "novel coronavirus"[tw] OR "SARS-CoV-2"[tw] OR "2019-nCoV"[tw] OR "2019 coronavirus"[tw] OR "corona virus disease-19"[tw] OR "covid19"[tw]

PubMed Search/Clinical Queries - Diagnostic

(Diagnosis/Broad[filter]) AND ("COVID-19"[tw] OR "COVID19"[tw] OR "novel coronavirus"[tw] OR "SARS-CoV-2"[tw] OR "2019-nCoV"[tw] OR "2019 coronavirus"[tw] OR "corona virus disease-19"[tw] OR "covid19"[tw])

PubMed Search/Clinical Queries - Management

(Therapy/Broad[filter]) AND ("COVID-19"[tw] OR "COVID19"[tw] OR "novel coronavirus"[tw] OR "SARS-CoV-2"[tw] OR "2019-nCoV"[tw] OR "2019 coronavirus"[tw] OR "corona virus disease-19"[tw] OR "covid19"[tw])


Disaster Lit's Curated COVID-19 Search

  • Includes gray literature from associations, educational institutions, governments, and NGOs. Full text freely available.

LitCovid from the U.S. National Library of Medicine

  • Literature divided up into categories: general information, mechanism, transmission, treatment, case reports, and epidemic forecasting

Point-of-Care Resources

Training & Guidelines for Health Professionals

Disease Tracking Sites

North Carolina Resources

COVID-19 and Open Access

Many publishers are ensuring research about COVID-19 is available open access during the outbreak, but this is not always common practice for other health-related literature, and exposes some challenges with paywalled/subscription research.

If you support transparent and open access to health and biomedical research, here are some ways you can get involved in open access advocacy:

  • Publish or review current COVID-19 preprints. A preprint is a scholarly research work that precedes peer review and is posted online in a preprint repository like the ones below. Preprinting encourages rapid dissemination of information, and preprints undergo a basic screening process for offensive and/or non-scientific content and for material that might pose a health or biosecurity risk and are checked for plagiarism
  • Tweet or check out #OAintheUSA to join the conversation about why public access to research is important.

Download the Unpaywall browser extension to access open access versions of research. The Unpaywall extension allows you to read research for free by clicking the green lock that appears when an open version is available.