American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine (ACLAM) Certification Examination Reference List

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This reference list provides the sources of the majority of the examination questions for the 2016 exam (e.g., the most recent exam given). The examination questions are written from generally the same sources each year. This list is arranged in alphabetical order. It is advisable to use the most current editions of textbooks when studying for the certification exam; since the listed references were used for the previous year’s exam, they may not be the most current reference for the upcoming year’s exam. Journal articles used for the exam are typically those published within the last 5 years. This list is not meant to be all-inclusive (e.g., it does not indicate the only resources candidates should use to prepare for an upcoming examination). Note that the ACLAM Series Blue Books are heavily referenced and are considered core references

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“This is only a convenience copy of the reading list to help find copies of reading materials in the NCSU Libraries.  It does not replace the official reading list. Candidates are responsible for ensuring they use the latest reading list.”

ACLAM 2016 Certification Examination Reference List

This web page updated 5/18/2017.

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