User Studies

These reports describe studies conducted before 2012.

See newer reports.

Study Topic Method Year(s) Conducted
Discovery Environment Usability Test Usability Study 2011
Collection Guides (Finding Aids)- Novice Users Group Usability Study 2010
Interview Personas for Web Site Redesign Persona Interviews 2010
Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) Advanced Users' Metadata Needs For Search and Discovery Focus Group 2010
Website Navigation Testing Usability Study 2010
Summon Usability Study 2010
GroupFinder Focus Groups Focus Group 2009
NCSU Libraries Web Site (NCSU Libraries Staff) Focus Group 2008
Search TRLN- Phase 2 Usability Studies 2008
Course Views Focus Group 2008
Endeca Search NCSU Catalog Round 2 Usability Study 2008
Giving to the Libraries Web Site Usability Studies 2008
Search TRLN- Phase 1 Focus Groups 2007
Course Views Focus Groups 2007
Endeca Search NCSU Catalog Round 1 Usability Study 2006
NCSU Libraries Web Site Redesign Round 2 Usability Study 2006
NCSU Libraries Web Site Redesign Round 1 Usability Study 2005
Quick Search Round 1 Usability Study 2005
Find Articles Usability Study 2005
Web Survey Survey 2004
Pretest for ATII and NGML Focus Groups Focus Group 2004
Access Tools & Integrated Instruction (ATII) Focus Groups 2004
NextGeneration MyLibrary (NGML) Focus Group 2004
Access to the Collection (Faculty Members) Focus Group 2004
Web Server Log Analysis Log Analysis 2004
Environmental Scan: Search Options on ARL Library Homepages Type 2 2004
Communication, Publications, and Marketing Web Redesign Card Sort 2004
Speed Walk-through: Home Page Search Options and Search the Collection Walk-through 2004
MultiSearch: Think Aloud Usability Study 2004
MultiSearch Usability Study 2003
NCSU Libraries Catalog Usability Study 2003
Search Query Logs and Analysis Log Analysis 2002-present
NCSU Libraries Electronic Resources and Services Focus Group 1997-98