The Libraries on Twitch

Join the Libraries on Twitch for makerspace, media, and VR demonstrations! Our streams feature students and staff from across the campus demonstrating crafting, music, VR, interviews, creative projects, and people available to answer your questions. Watch us live or view past streams on our Youtube page.

What to expect when you join us on Twitch:

  • Anyone can join our Twitch channel and view the stream.
  • Participating in live chat requires a Twitch account.
  • Our experts can answer questions about media, making, VR topics, and the Libraries or refer you to someone who can help!

All recordings on YouTube

Our schedule

Day Time Topic
Mondays 4pm–6pm Digital Media Lab
Tuesdays 4pm–5pm VR
Wednesdays 12 noon–2pm Guest stream
4pm–6pm Makerspace
Thursdays 4pm–6pm State of Sound
Fridays 12 noon–2pm Guest stream

Want to collaborate on a livestream?

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Upcoming on Twitch

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