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Guide to Government Information

Federal Government Documents Tutorial

The NCSU Libraries On-line Catalog

To find which government documents are held in the NCSU Libraries, begin your search in The Libraries on-line catalog.

In this catalog you will find references to all federal documents we have received since 1986 -- specifically, you will find there titles we hold that have been recorded in Monthly Catalog issues since July 1986.  That is the date when catalog records for federal documents first became available in machine-readable form.

The Libraries catalog also contains records for some titles published earlier than 1986.  We face a big project to add thousands of federal document titles to the catalog for those holdings we received prior to 1986.  (NCSU has been a depository library since 1932.)

To learn which older titles we hold, you should consult the federal documents shelflist in the second floor bookstacks.  To use the shelflist effectively, first obtain the SuDoc call numbers for documents you seek from the printed Monthly Catalog, described in the next section.

If you wish to perform a comprehensive search of the Monthly Catalog's content, July 1986 to present, the subset of WorldCat, the OCLC U.S. Government Documents database via NCLive, is the resource to use.

Also be aware that neither The Libraries on-line catalog nor the Monthly Catalog attempts to index technical report literature.  Special indexes in the physical sciences and education are devoted to this material.  You'll find more about these indexes in section 12.

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