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Specialized Indexes

There are several areas of specialized information resources located within the federal government that are not well-covered by the Monthly Catalog's indexing.  If these areas are of interest to you, consult the resources noted here.

ERIC = Education

The primary database for the education discipline, ERIC is the world's largest source of education information.  The ERIC database consists of two files:  the Resources in Education (RIE) file of document (ED) citations and the Current Index to Journals in Education (CIJE) file of journal article (EJ) citations from over 750 professional journals.  The database contains more than 1 million abstracts (and some full text) of education- related documents and journal articles, with coverage back to 1966.

NTIS = Government Reports

The National Technical Information Service issued Government Reports Announcements in paper through 1995.  This bibliography indexes technical report literature produced for the federal government by private contractors.  A set of GRA is in the Documents stacks at C 51.9/3:  You can search more current technical literature using the NTIS database.

ERA = Energy

The Energy Department published Energy Research Abstracts through 1995.  A paper set of the bibliography is in the Documents stacks at E 1.17:  You can search more recent energy-related technical reports, primarily 1995 to present, using the Information Bridge maintained by DOE's Office of Scientific & Technical Information.

STAR = Aerospace

NASA also produced a printed bibliography through 1995, Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports.  A file of it is available in the Documents stacks at NAS 1.9/4: 

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