Getting a Book in DH Hill Library

Once you've used the library's online catalog to identify a book you want, you have to go get the book.

On the bottom of a book's catalog page, there's information about the location of the book.

This book is located in DH Hill Library, in the stacks, on the 8th floor.

It's important to note whether the book is in DH Hill Library, because there are other libraries on campus as well.

The catalog also shows that the book is available, meaning it's not checked out, and it's on the shelf.

Now you can use the book's call number to find the book on the shelf.

The call number is a unique identifier for the book.

The call number in the catalog record, and on the spine of the book, are the same.

To find the book on the shelf, you'll want to write down the call number and bring it with you.

Or, if you don't have a pen handy, you can click "text" to send a text message of the book's catalog record to your phone.

Now that you know your book's call number, it's time to go get your book.

Since this book is in DH Library, you'll need to take the elevator to the correct floor of the bookstacks.

If you forget what floor your book is on, there are maps next to, and inside the elevators.

The maps show which books are on which floors.

The letters on the map are the same as at the beginning of your book's call number.

Since your book's call number begins with the letters SF, you can tell it's on the eighth floor.

Once you're on the right floor, check out the signs on the shelves.

Each sign tells you the range of call numbers located on that shelf.

Look for the range that contains your call number

Once you've found the right shelf, Scan the call numbers on the shelf and go in order until you find your book.

The call number will match exactly.

Once you have your book, you can take it to the circulation desk on the first floor to check it out.

If you ever get confused while getting your book, just ask a librarian for help, in person, or through the online "ask us" chat service, on the library's website.