Staff Directory

  1. Phyllis Carpenter

  2. Alex Carroll

    Research Librarian for Engineering and Biotechnology
  3. Alexa Carter

    NCSU Libraries Fellow
  4. Terri Chance

    University Library Technician
  5. Bertha Chang

    Acting Associate Head, Collections & Research Strategy
  6. Jamie Chapman

    Facilities Maintenance Supervisor
  7. Karen Ciccone

    Department Head, Data & Visualization Services
  8. Maria Collins

    Department Head, Acquisitions and Discovery
  9. Adam Constabaris

    Business and Technology Applications Specialist
  10. Zorica Craciun

    University Library Technician
  11. Sarah Craig

    University Library Specialist
  12. Will Cross

    Director, Copyright & Digital Scholarship Center
  13. Debbie Currie

    Collections & Research Librarian for Agricultural and Environmental Sciences