Staff Directory

  1. Bob Bagby

    Systems Programmer/Specialist
  2. Jennifer Baker

    University Library Technician
  3. Andrew Barefoot

    Facilities Maintenance Technician
  4. Dharini Baskaran

    University Library Technician
  5. Nikee Bayunga

    University Library Technician
  6. Liz Bell

    University Library Technician
  7. Shaun Bennett

    Research Librarian for Business, Education, & Data Literacy
  8. Herman Berkhoff

    Technology Support Specialist
  9. Kevin Beswick

    Digital Technologies Development Librarian
  10. Catherine Bishir

    Curator of Architecture Special Collections
  11. Flora Blackley

    University Library Technician
  12. Alison Blaine

    Data & Visualization Librarian
  13. Laura Blessing

    Director, Library Human Resources
  14. Jordan Booth

    Support Services Associate
  15. Chris Bowen

    Systems Programmer/Specialist
  16. Josh Boyer

    Department Head, User Experience
  17. Jamie Bradway

    Preservation Librarian
  18. Brent Brafford

    Technology Support Analyst
  19. A.R. Brand

    University Library Technician
  20. Eli Brown

    Acting Associate Director for Collections and Research Services
  21. Anne Burke

    Associate Head, Learning Spaces & Services
  22. Aditya Burkule

    Information Technology Services Manager
  23. Patricia Butler

    Human Resources Specialist