Julia Reynolds

University Program Associate



Phone: (919) 515-7109

Email: joreynol@ncsu.edu

Shout-outs From My Colleagues

I often say, in all seriousness, that Julia keeps the Hunt Library running. She is reliable, knowledgeable, and creative when it comes to planning and coordinating the happenings around Hunt. She has helped me in more ways than I can count and I am always grateful for her steady presence and rye sense of humor. A lot of her efforts go on behind-the-scenes as she coordinates across multiple units to make sure we deliver a great experience for all. Recently, she helped with the planning and coordination for the vMLK workshop. Dr. Gallagher and Dr. Jones shared their gratitude in the following message: "[we] were so gratified by the excellent arrangements that Julia helped to coordinate for food service (and we want to note that the food was delicious!)" Thank you for everything, Julia!

— Hannah RaineyVictoria GallagherElizabeth Jones

Julia has a strong customer service orientation that has served everyone well this past year-plus. She began working on site early on during COVID, and from the beginning was helping out wherever she was needed. Some of the duties she took on during COVID included: -Answering the AskUs phones and taking on Hunt on-call Ask Us duties, -Handing out ice cream, etc. to staff as a thank you from the Libraries Admin, -Handing out boxed lunches to student employees as a thank-you from the Libraries, and -Assisting with the training of the new Administrative Support Specialist at Hill. It's been great working with someone who always looks for ways to be helpful to others. Thank you Julia!

— Laura Blessing

I have to give a shout-out to my new Citation Index CV service team. We lost a few student workers to graduation and senior projects over the break and we needed some folks who could quickly get up to speed on ingesting and cleaning metadata from faculty CVs. Like the metadata pros that they are, Barbara Weinberg and David Serxner stepped in to help and Beverly King stepped in to help train by providing quality control reviews of the metadata. Even Julia Reynolds, who is an honorary member of A&D, has helped us out with tackling this work to support our faculty all while she is still supporting our on-site operations. I couldn't ask for better partners in this work as their attention to detail and desire to serve our students, staff and faculty show through in every step. Thanks CI CV service team!

— Beth Ashmore