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Mapping and Geographic Data

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An integral part of visualizing greenways is locating them geographically via maps.  This mapping can provide information on where to find greenway projects as well as provide context.  This context can put a specific greenway project in the backdrop of other geographic data, such as environmental management mapping, air/water quality data, relations to existing greenways, as well as aerial and satellite photography.  Below are sample screen shots from the Upper Neuse River (North Carolina) data collections that illustrate the power of using geographic data.  This data can be found on the NCSU Libraries server and includes geographic data of all kinds.

Screen captures:

Types of maps that can be created using GIS data.  Screen captures listed here come primarily from "Recreational Resources", but also includes aerial photo as well as environmental quality and management images.

Recreational Resources - Greenways and Trails mapped, Upper Neuse Region.

Recreational Resources collectively mapped, Upper Neuse Region.

Wake County environmental quality data.

Environmental Management data, Neuse River Region.

Aerial photograph showing relation of Jordan Lake to William B. Umstead State Park and RDU International Airport.

GIS data on Jordan Lake.

GIS data on Millbrook Exchange Park.

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