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Organization Information

Do you have a greenways master plan?
When was organization founded?
What is the organization's mission?
How would you classify your organization?
Number of full time staff?
Number of part time staff?
Number of regular volunteers?
Does your organization have members?
If so, how many?
If you have any members making financial contributions to your organization. What is the amount?
How are members and volunteers recruited?
What is the governance structure of your organization?
What is the annual budget of your organization?
What percentage of the budget is publicly funded?
What percentage of the budget is privately funded?
What percentage of the budget is allocated for greenways programs, including land acquisition, staff, maintenance, and other greenway related costs?
Does your organization publish a newsletter?
If so, what is the title?
Do you keep back issues?

Archives Information

Does your organization maintain records related to greenways?
If yes, what types?(select all that apply)
news paper clippings
If your organization maintains records, do you have a retention policy?
If yes, please list criteria for your retention and disposal of records.
Does your organization maintain records of any other organizations involved with greenways?
If yes, please list organizations.
Are your records accessible to public?
If yes, under what conditions?
If no, would you consider offering us access to these records?
Have you found a place to archive all your organization's records that relate to Greenways?
If yes, where?
If no, would you consider the Greenways Archive at North Carolina State university ?
May we contact you concerning your organization's records?
If yes, what is the best means of contacting you? (select all that apply)
Is there any one else we must contact about your organization's records?
If yes, please provide name & phone number?

Greenways Information

Name of the greenway
Is this greenway part of a network?
If yes, what is the name of the system of greenways?
To which other greenways does this greenway directly link?
How many miles or acres is this greenway?
Does the greenway link any specific areas?
If yes, what types of areas are linked? (select all that apply)
What is the primary land cover of the greenway?
What type of landscape constitutes the majority of the greenway?
Is the greenway on a converted railroad bed?
Does it share a right-of-way with existing services?
If yes, what are the existing services? (select all that apply)
What are some of the unique features along your greenway? (select all that apply)
Railroad bridges Historic sites
Interpretive opportunities
Other (please describe):
What facilities are available along the greenway? (select all that apply)
For this greenway, what was the cost of land acquisition?
For this greenway, what was the cost of construction?
Do these expenses represent the total cost of development of this greenway?
If no, please describe other costs associated with greenway development.
What is the total annual cost of maintenance?
Estimated annual revenue for your organization generated by the greenway:

Greenway Trails Information
Miles of trail currently on the ground:
Miles of trail under development:
Miles of trails that are proposed but not yet under construction:
Is the trail complete?
If the trail is complete, when was the completion date?
If the trail is not yet complete, what is projected completion date?
What is the average width of the entire greenway corridor? (please specify feet, yards or miles)
Does the trail cross streets or other thoroughfares?
If yes, what does the trail cross? (select all that apply)
What types of crossings? (select all that apply)
What type(s) of surface material is used on the trail? (select all that apply)
If more than one type of material is used, please specify what materials and for what lengths of the trail they are used.
Are your trails accessible to people with disabilities?
If yes, what accommodations have been made?
If no, can you describe any potential physical barriers to using the trail?
What uses are permitted on the trail? (select all that apply)
pedestrian bicycle equestrian
Are maps of your greenway available?
If yes, please enclose a copy so that we may include your greenway in our national greenways map. Map(s) enclosed:

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