Carl Alwin Schenck Photograph Series
Mrs. Adele Schenck, 1907, 1909


This folder contains ten personal photographs of Adele Schenck. The dated photographs are from 1907 and 1909. This collection includes casual poses of Mrs. Schenck in their tent at the Pinkbeds of Pisgah Forest and at their house at Biltmore, N.C.

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Mrs. Adele Schenck, 1907, 1909
7 Kallitypes
3 Photographic prints
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The titles of the individual photographs were derived from the notations on the backs of the photographs. When there was no notation on the photograph, a title was created and enclosed in brackets.The information on the back of the photographs has been transcribed verbatim. The author's capitalization and punctuation have been retained exactly as originally written. When a word could not be deciphered, it is indicated by a set of empty brackets: [].

Historical Note

Adele Schenck was born Adele Bopp and married Dr. Carl Schenck on July 25, 1896. They were married while Carl Schenck was in Germany. She arrived with him at the Biltmore Estate on August 12, 1896. Carl Schenck described her as a motherly friend to the Biltmore Boys and a model wife for a forester.

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Detailed Description of the Photographs

Mrs. von Schenck
Item Description: A portrait of Mrs. Schenck sitting in a tent. "Mrs. von Schenck"
Physical Description: Kallitypes (4 1/2 x 3 1/2)
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Mrs. Schenck in the Pinkbeds, 1909
Item Description: Mrs. Schenck posing in front of a tent in the Pinkbeds. "Mrs. C.A. Schenck in the Pinkbeds of Pisgah Forest 1909"
Physical Description: Photographic prints (3 3/4 x 4 1/2)
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1st Mrs. House, 1907
Item Description: This is a photograph of Mrs. House. Presumably she is the wife of Homer House, a botanist and assistant chief of the Biltmore Forest School. "1st Mrs. House camp 11, North. Suppressed advanced growth of White Pine, found afterward, in spring 1907"
Physical Description: Photographic prints (6 x 5)
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Adele [] & Maud, October 10, 1909
Item Description: Adele Schenck in a cart pulled by Maud and another unamed horse. "Adele [] & Maud [] Service road x Ferryfarm road Sunday Oct.10.09"
Physical Description: Kallitypes (3 3/4 x 4 3/4)
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By Tinsley [], August 22, 1909
Item Description: A photograph of Dr. Schenck, Adele Schenck, and Elsbeth. "By Tinsley [] Aug. 2.09 Elsbeth Adele C.A.S."
Physical Description: Kallitypes (4 3/4 x 3 3/4)
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Mrs. Schenck and the Deer Park
Item Description: Mrs. Adele Schenck at the Deer Park. The Deer Park was located on the Biltmore Estate grounds. "Mrs. Schenck and the deer park"
Physical Description: Photgraphic prints (5 x 3 1/2)
Item Identification: No. 33 Suite 64
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[Mrs. Schenck and Her Dogs
Item Description: A photograph of Mrs. Adele Schenck and her dachsunds and pointers. "Mrs. C.A. Schenck at Biltmore with her Dachsunds Waldman and Minner, their two kids, and pointer Feldmann and Nellie."
Physical Description: Kallitypes (5 1/4 x 6 1/4)
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Dr. and Mrs. Schenck at Biltmore, N.C.
Item Description: Dr. Carl Schenck and Mrs. Adele Schenck posing in front of their house at Biltmore, N.C. "Dr. and Mrs. Schenck on a sunday at the entrance of their residence at Biltmore, N.C."
Physical Description: Kallitypes (6 1/2 x 8 1/2)
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Dr. & Mrs. Schenck at Their Guest Tent, September, 1909
Item Description: Dr. Carl Schenck and Mrs. Adele Schenck in front of their guest tent. "Dr. & Mrs. Schenck at their guest-tent in the Pinkbeds of Pisgah Forest September 1909"
Physical Description: Kallitypes (4 3/4 x 3 3/4)
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Sitting on the Wall at Buck Spring Lodge, October 1909
Item Description: The Schencks posing at Buck Spring Lodge. Buck Spring was a hunting lodge constructed by George Vanderbilt, close to the summit of Mount Pisgah. "Dr. & Mrs. Schenck Sitting on the wall at Buck Spring Lodge October 1909"
Physical Description: Kallitypes (5 x 4)
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