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NCSU buildings Collections

Manuscript Collections | Manuscripts | University Archives

Documentation relating to campus buildings, including architectural drawings, dedication brochures, and photographs, among other data, is preserved in printed books, manuscript collections, and the University Archives. The unpublished research collections listed below provide information about a selection of campus structures.

Researchers may also wish to contact the Office of the University Architect. The Office of the University Architect’s Plan Room has blueprints for all existing university buildings. These are available for viewing on a walk-in basis in Room 324 in the Administrative Services III Building on Sullivan Drive. The Plan Room is open from 8 am-5 pm M-F. Maps may not be removed from the room. For more information call 515-2121.

Manuscript Collections relating to NCSU buildings

Number Title Dates Finding Aids
MC 00222 Biberstein, Bowles, Meachem, & Reed Records 1950-1977 Catalog
MC 00007 Fountain (Alvin Marcus) Papers 1889-2002 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00336 Funkhouser (Edward T.) Photographs 2001-2008 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00258 Harris (Edwin F. Abie, Jr.) Papers 1952-1998 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00261 Mattox (John) Papers 1933-1998 Catalog
MC 00361 Orr (Louis) Intaglio prints circa 1945-1949 Catalog
MC 00148 Waugh (Edward Walter) A general plan for development [for North Carolina State University] 1923 Catalog

Manuscripts relating to NCSU buildings

Number Title Dates Finding Aids
MSS 00291 Smith (Roy Edwin) Calendar and Photographs circa 1920-1923 CatalogWeb page XML

University Archives Collections relating to NCSU buildings

Number Title Dates Finding Aids
UA 003.005 Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Records 1984-2004 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 003.026 Business and Finance (Office of) - University Architect (Office of the) Records 1966-2007 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 003.001 Business and Finance Division - Vice Chancellor (Office of the) Records 1893-1984 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 023.037 Caram (Ed) Photograph Collection 1970-1975 Catalog
UA 023.028 Centennial Campus Photographs 1979-2000 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 003.010 Centennial Campus Records 1974-2005 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 003.011 Chinqua-Penn Plantation Records 1890-1975 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 003.004 Facilities Division, Design and Construction Services Department Records 1887-2005 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 016.041 Housing & Residence Life Records 1934-1991 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 012.070 Libraries - Capital Management and External Relations (Assistant Director for) Records 1990-2007 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 021.456 North Carolina State University Faculty Club 1927-1992, bulk 1958-1984 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 003 Office of Finance and Business Records 1887-2008 Web page XML
UA 023.030 Oversize Photographs Circa 1877-1985 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 005.001 Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (Office of the) - General Records 1948-2007 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 023.017 Textiles (College of) Photographs 1919-1991 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 003.082 Treasurer (Office of the), Real Estate Office Records 1932, 1980-2004 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 023.034 University Archives Photograph Collection - Albums
UA 023.035 University Archives Photograph Collection - Postcards 1900-1996 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 023.033 University Archives Photograph Collection - Slides 1920-1986 Catalog
UA 050.002 University Archives Reference - Institutional Histories 1877-2009 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 050.004 University Archives Reference - University Building Files 1888-2005 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 050 University Archives Reference Collection 1862-2005 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 016.026 University Dining Records 1973-1990 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 023.018 Veterinary Medicine (College of) Photographs 1889-1992 Catalog
UA 021.511 YMCA at North Carolina State University Records 1938-1986 CatalogWeb page XML