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Information science and technology Collections

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Manuscript Collections relating to Information science and technology

Number Title Dates Finding Aids
MC 00333 FabriCAD Records 1989-2003 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00253 Poole (Mary Elizabeth) Papers undated Catalog
MC 00349 Pritsker (Alan) Papers on Computer Simulation undated Catalog
MC 00342 Reitman (Julian) Papers 1967-1998 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00334 Risley (John) Papers 1961-2002 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00343 Sargent (Robert) Papers 1975-2003 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00273 Stahl (Ingolf) Papers 1990-1999 CatalogWeb page XML

Rare Book Collections relating to Information science and technology

Number Title Dates Finding Aids
RBC 00006 Ptak (John F.) Computer science book collection 1891-1987 CatalogWeb page XML

University Archives Collections relating to Information science and technology

Number Title Dates Finding Aids
UA 007.100 Information Technology Division - Personnel Records 1970-1987 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 007.200 Information Technology Division - Publications 1966-2004 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 007.001 Information Technology Division - Vice Chancellor (Office of the) Records 1973-1998 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 007.004 Information Technology Division Committee Records 1967 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 012.026 Libraries - Access and Delivery Services 1897-1899 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 012.061 Libraries - Affirmative Action Records 1972-1979 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 012.035 Libraries - Burlington Textiles Library Records 1942-1996 Catalog
UA 012.023 Libraries - Collection Management Records 1934-1999 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 012.006 Libraries - Committee Records 1987-2005 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 012.090 Libraries - Development Office Records 1989-2003 Web page XML
UA 012.042 Libraries - Digital Library Initiatives Records 1998-2003 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 012.001 Libraries - Director's Office Records 1926-2008 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 012.091 Libraries - Friends of the Library Records 1936-2004 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 012.033 Libraries - Harrye B. Lyons Design Library Records 1968-1997 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 012.005 Libraries - History of Hill Library Records 1970-1979 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 012.040 Libraries - Information Technology Dept. Records 1970s-1994 Web page XML
UA 012.034 Libraries - Natural Resources Library Records 1973-1981 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 012.081 Libraries - North Carolina State University Librarians' Association 1974-1990 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 012.024 Libraries - Preservation Department Records
UA 012.030 Libraries - Public Services (Associate Director for) Records 1966-1988 Catalog
UA 012.200 Libraries - Publications 1923-2008 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 012.032 Libraries - Research and Information Services Department Records 1957-1997 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 012.003 Libraries - SOLINET Records 1972-1980 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 012.025 Libraries - Special Collections Research Center Records 1940-2006 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 012.080 Libraries - Staff Association 1956-1996 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 012 Libraries Records
UA 012.002 Libraries, Annual Reports 1925-2008 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 012.004 Triangle Research Libraries Network (TRLN) Records 1972-1982 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 007.041 Triangle Universities Computing Center (TUCC) Records 1966-1991 Catalog

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