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Manuscript Collections relating to Education

Number Title Dates Finding Aids
MC 00041 Hamlin (Herbert McNee) Papers 1940-1968 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00270 Herring (William Dallas) Papers on North Carolina Education 1976-1985 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00022 Hill (Daniel Harvey) Papers 1883-1955 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00088 Hoban (Thomas J.) Papers 1977-2006 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00063 Kingswood Elementary School (Cary, N.C.) Plans 1953-1959 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00282 Phillips (Murry O.) Papers 1936-2000 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00053 Ruggles (Edward Wolfe) Papers 1918-1971 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00229 Watauga Club Records 1884-2000 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00272 Women Administrators in North Carolina Higher Education Records 1977-1992 CatalogWeb page XML

Manuscripts relating to Education

Number Title Dates Finding Aids
MSS 00061 Clark (Joseph Deadrick) Papers 1941-1952 CatalogWeb page XML
MSS 00145 Patterson (Charlotte Nelson) Scrapbook 1927-1928 Catalog
MSS 00014 Riddick (Wallace Carl) Papers 1913-1980 CatalogWeb page XML
MSS 00079 Shepherd (Marshal) Catalogs 1897-1909 CatalogWeb page XML

University Archives Collections relating to Education

Number Title Dates Finding Aids
UA 125.010 Adult and Higher Education (Department of) Records 1964-1998 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 105.004 American Society for Engineering Education Records 1959-1972 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 023.019 Continuing Education Photographs
UA 011.012 Continuing Studies Records 1924-1995 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 125.006 Education (College of) - Accreditation Records 1963-1982 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 125.002 Education (College of) - Annual Reports 1964-1992 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 125.004 Education (College of) - Committees Records 1993-1994 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 125.001 Education (College of) - Dean (Office of the) Records 1919-2006 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 125.200 Education (College of) - Publications 1939-2008 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 023.011 Education (College of) Photographs 1889-1992 Catalog
UA 125 Education (College of) Records 1926-1998
UA 004.002 Extension, Engagement and Economic Development (Office of) - Annual Reports 2000-2007 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 004.041 Extension, Engagement and Economic Development (Office of) - McKimmon Center Records 1977-2009 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 011.008 Faculty Publications and Research Bulletins 1950-1972 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 011.011 Invention Disclosures and Patents Records 1955-1992 Catalog
UA 021.471 Kappa Phi Kappa, Alpha-Sigma Chapter Records 1922-1980 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 102.053 N.C. Federation of Cooperative Extension Associations Records 1974-2003 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 011.010 National Science Foundation (NSF) Proposals 1965-1974 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 102.051 North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service - Expanded Food/Nutrition Education Program Records 1969-1989 Catalog
UA 102.052 North Carolina Extension and Community Association Records 1916-2003 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 125.015 Occupational Education (Department of) Records 1965-1975 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 016.033 Parents' Association Records 1979-1991 Web page XML
UA 120.017 Physical Education (Department of) Records 1986-1999 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 016.052 Registration & Records 1889-1998 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 011.014 Research and Graduate Studies (Office of) - Expired Project Files 1969-1993 Catalog
UA 011.200 Research and Graduate Studies (Office of) - Publications 1966-2008 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 016.002 Student Affairs (Division of) - Annual Reports 1947-2007 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 016.034 Student Development Records 1926-2000 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 145.050 Veterinary Medicine (College of) - Extension Records 1984-1995 CatalogWeb page XML

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