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The Special Collections Research Center has been engaged in an initiative to document the built environment of North Carolina for a number of years. As a result, the collections are rich in twentieth century designs, and include drawings of commercial and residential buildings, as well as those of NC State campus buildings.

The Rare Book Collection contains classic works in the history of architecture. Please consult the library’s online catalog for information regarding specific titles.

Manuscript Collections relating to Architecture

Number Title Dates Finding Aids
MC 00103 Anne Dahle Papers on 3227 Birnamwood Road, Raleigh, North Carolina 1955 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00244 Baermann (Walter Peter) Papers 1903-1972 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00251 Ballard, McCredie, Architects Records 1955-1997 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00109 Ballard, McKim and Sawyer Architectural Drawings of the Physical Science Building, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1968 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00144 Barton (Harry) Architectural Drawings 1923-1924 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00157 Batchelor (Peter) Papers 1967-2007 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00122 Baumgarten (William Ludwig) Term Papers 1930-1954 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00222 Biberstein, Bowles, Meachem, & Reed Records 1950-1977 Catalog
MC 00096 Boney (Leslie Norwood) Papers 1901-1988 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00079 Branan (C. Frank) Architectural Drawings 1924-1976 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00219 Brown (Charlotte V.) Papers 1767-1990 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00301 Butler (R.M.) The influence of climate and material on national domestic architecture 1897 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00227 Crampton (Guy) and Deitrick (William) Papers and Drawings 1919- CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00241 Davis (Archie Royal) Papers 1930-1980 Catalog
MC 00245 Edgar H. and Margaret K. Hunter Architectural Papers 1945-1989 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00350 Fieldcrest Mills Architectural Plans 1911-1979 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00381 Fitzgibbon (James) Papers Relating to the Ralph Fadum House 1949-1950 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00087 Flannagan (Eric G. ) Papers 1922-1989 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00258 Harris (Edwin F. Abie, Jr.) Papers 1952-1998 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00114 Harris and Pyne Records 1921-1994 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00382 Hartmann (Charles) Drawings 1928-1929, 1950 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00093 Harvey Charlton Papers on 2731 Rosedale Avenue, Raleigh, North Carolina 1941-2002 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00198 Kamphoefner (Henry L.) Papers 1924-1990 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00063 Kingswood Elementary School (Cary, N.C.) Plans 1953-1959 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00260 Mace (Ronald L.) Papers 1974-1998 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00042 Matsumoto (George) Papers 1945-1991 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00061 McGee (Harry Kirk) Papers 1957-1993 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00243 Monticello Architectural Records 1923-1976 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00225 North Carolina Buildings Collection 1893-1990 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00240 Northup & O'Brien Records 1926-1980 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00190 Nowicki (Matthew) Papers 1987 Catalog
MC 00383 Parker (Charles) Papers 1924-1929 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00056 Paulson (Jehu Dewitt) Papers 1922-1972 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00050 Raleigh Development Company Records on 333 Fayetteville Street, Raleigh, North Carolina 1963-2007 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00247 Ramsay (John Erwin, Sr.) Papers 1946-1989 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00264 Ross Associates, Inc. Records, 1966-1997 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00242 Scott (Kenneth McCoy) Papers 1923-1976 Catalog
MC 00215 Shogren (Vernon F.) Papers 1975-1992 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00140 Shumaker (Ross Edward) Drawings 1940 Catalog
MC 00006 Small (G. Milton) Papers 1950-1984 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00326 Smart (George) Papers 1959-2002 Catalog
MC 00311 Smith (Macon) Papers undated Catalog
MC 00148 Waugh (Edward Walter) A general plan for development [for North Carolina State University] 1923 Catalog
MC 00102 Webb (James) Papers 1909-1999 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00138 Wheless Family Papers 1950-2007 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00356 Willard C. Byrd and Associates Records 1956-2001 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00325 Woodroof (Albert C.) Papers and Architectural Drawings 1927-1975 CatalogWeb page XML

Manuscripts relating to Architecture

Number Title Dates Finding Aids
MSS 00375 Charles W. Barrett Specifications for the Louis R. Wilson Residence, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 1932 CatalogWeb page XML
MSS 00192 Latimer (John D.) Papers circa 1955-circa 1970 CatalogWeb page XML

University Archives Collections relating to Architecture

Number Title Dates Finding Aids
UA 110.015 Architecture (School of) Records 1948-1978 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 003.005 Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Records 1984-2004 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 100.014 Biological and Agricultural Engineering (Department of) Records 1928-2008 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 003.026 Business and Finance (Office of) - University Architect (Office of the) Records 1966-2007 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 023.005 Campus Facilities and Views 1889-1990s CatalogWeb page XML
UA 110.041 Design (College of) - Historic Architecture Research Project Records 1951-1976 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 003.004 Facilities Division, Design and Construction Services Department Records 1887-2005 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 012.033 Libraries - Harrye B. Lyons Design Library Records 1968-1997 CatalogWeb page XML
UA 050.004 University Archives Reference - University Building Files 1888-2005 CatalogWeb page XML

Additional Resources

In 1994, David C. Jackson produced a survey of the architectural records held in repositories, government agencies, architectural firms, and private collections throughout North Carolina. The aim of his survey, sponsored jointly by The Gallery of Art & Design, North Carolina State University and the North Carolina State Historic Preservation Office, Raleigh, was to begin to unite the scattered architectural collections across the state and to initiate the process for developing a statewide collection strategy and appraisal program for North Carolina architectural records. It is not regularly updated, but remains a useful tool for architectural researchers.

Research Collections in Architecture at NCSU