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Special Collections Research Center

Animal welfare and rights Collections

The Special Collections Research Center maintains an extensive animal rights/animal welfare archive. This collection, known as the Tom Regan Animal Rights Archive, was established in recognition of the contributions of Tom Regan, NCSU Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, a founder of the modern animal rights movement. In addition to Regan’s papers, the Research Center holds the papers of a number of animal rights and animal welfare individuals and organizations.

Dr. Regan’s personal library is contained in the Research Center’s Rare Book Collection and may be accessed by searching the library’s catalog. Animal rights and animal welfare books from other collections will be incorporated into the library’s general collections, and may be located through the library’s online catalog.

Manuscript Collections relating to Animal welfare and rights

Number Title Dates Finding Aids
MC 00351 Animal Rights Network Records circa 1979-circa2002 Catalog
MC 00344 Animal Welfare Institute Records 1945-2002 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00341 Animals Asia Records 1998-2003 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00338 Argus Archives Records 1914, 1931-2004 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00330 Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights Records 1985-2002 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00365 Coe (Sue) prints documenting factory farming undated Catalog
MC 00320 Culture and Animals Foundation Records 1985-2001 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00289 Giduz (Betsy) and Giduz (Tom) Papers 1977-1990 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00322 Mechler (Esther) Papers 1974-2004 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00353 PETA Subject Files on Animal Rights Movments 1980-2001 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00236 Regan (Thomas Howard) Papers 1951-2001 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00323 Roberts (Catherine) Papers 1952-1992 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00318 Sapontzis (Steve F.) Papers 1978-2001 CatalogWeb page XML
MC 00339 Scott (Ron) Animal Rights Videotape Collection undated CatalogWeb page XML

Other Information Resources

The Tom Regan Animal Rights Virtual Archive