Memorandum from Arthur Waltner to Clifford K. Beck
1 p.
October 17, 1951

October 17, 1951

TO: Clifford K. Beck
FROM: Arthur Waltner
SUBJECT: Stack Monitoring
REFERENCE: Conference with J. E. Bins, Brookhaven National Laboratories,
October 16, 1951

The radiation level of the stack gases at the Brookhaven reactor is moni-
by means of a Kanne ion chamber. This chamber is manufactured by the
General Electric Company at a cost of approximately $1,200. The connections to
the chamber are as indicated in the diagram below:

The function of the hold-up tank is to eliminate the effect of an unidenti-
short lived activity.

A Beckman RXG-2 micro-microammeter is used to measure the output current
of the Kanne chamber.