Memorandum from Raymond L. Murray to Dr. Clifford K. Beck
2 pp.
June 6, 1951

June 6, 1961

TO: Clifford K. Beck
FROM: Raymond L. Murray
SUBJECT: Reactor Size and Mass

It has been suggested that changes in the volume of the reactor core
from the original proposal be made to accomodate possible larger necessary masses.
Consideration should be given to the following facts, however:

The conclusion is that if the critical mass of the N. C. State reactor
is actually higher than the expected 915 grams, the excess material may still be
easily accomodated by the container, providing a slightly lower NH/NU be used.
On the other hand, if the mass turns out to be lower, the mixture can be diluted
to fit the vessel.

Calculations leading to the formulas appear in the Appendix.

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