Memorandum from N. Underwood and Arthur Waltner to C K Beck
1 p.
October 27, 1953

October 27, 1953

To C. K. Beck
Copies to staff
Subject.- Control Motores

Attention is directed to the fact, that when the representatives
of the Brown Instrument division of the Minneapolis Honeywell
inspected the control mechanism which uses Brown motors ,
they told us that the motors were designed for operation with
the shafts in a horizontal position. They were dubious of the
satisfactory operation of these motors with their shafts oriented
vertically. This matter was discussed at the time and the verdict
was to leave the mechanism unchanged until after criticallity
had been achieved, so that the change would not delay this

Now that critically has been achieved, it is recommended
that the advice of the Brown representatives be followed, and
that the mechanism be so modified that these motors operate
in their normal horizontal shaft position.

It is important that this be done as soon as possible
before activation of parts makes a long "cooling off" time

Arthur Waltner
Newton Underwood