Memorandum from Raymond L. Murray to Clifford K. Beck
1 p.
February, 1952


February, 1952

TO: Clifford K. Beck Information from Oak Ridge, Feb. 15-17
FROM: Raymond L. Murray
CC: N. Underwood
A. C. Menius

1. Called E. P. Blizard of ORNL, who is probably the best authority on shielding.
The relaxation lengths quoted in ORNL which I have noted are for fast
neutrons, and represent the reduction in intensity as measured by thermal
neutron counters. Barytes is probably the best bet for our use, with a [lambda]
of 8. A report by Lansing, Thornton and Lane on MTR shielding will be out
soon, and is most appropriate for our study, according to Blizard. There is
to be a meeting with some Canadian people on the week of Feb. 26, in which
ORNL will describe the whole picture of shielding, particularly of the
inexpensive variety for permanent reactors. He highly recommends that we
attend this, and will call or telegraph the exact date(s) of the meeting.

2. Discussed several items with A. D. Callihan.