Reactor Staff Assignments
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February 22, 1954


February 22, 1954
Clifford K. Beck, Director

1. Director Dr. Clifford Beck
2. Deputy DirectorDr. Raymond Murray
(Has full responsibility in absence of Director)
3. Reactor Operating Staff Clifford Beck, Chairman
Raymond Murray
Arthur Menius, Jr.
Arthur Waltner
Joseph Lundholm
David O. Lintz
Harold Lamonds
E. J. Brown
J. T. Lynn
(a) Determines the policies and procedures by
which the reactor is operated (within frame-
of contract requirements S & H Committee
regulations, State laws, etc.)
(b) Responsible for alteration of reactor com-
, extension of design, etc.
(c) Approve projects and experiments proposed
for the reactor.
4. Reactor SupervisorJoseph Lundholm
(a) Responsible to Director, for assisting in
reactor experiments, keeping in touch with all
changes made in the reactor and its auxiliary
equipment, acting as liaison officer between all
persons having activities involving the reactor.
5. Reactor Instrumentation SupervisorHarold Lamonds
Charles Terrell (asst.)
(a) Responsible to Director (but works closely
with Reactor Supervisor, and in full agree-
with Reactor Supervisor) for maintenance
of electronic reactor instrumentation, building,
campus and personnel monitoring equipment.
(b) Advises with Reactor Staff on needed or recommended
modifications or extensions of electronic reactor
instrumentation, and where authorized, designs,
constructs and installs such equipment.
(c) All major items of maintenance or any proposed
change or extension of reactor instrumentation will
be cleared in advance of execution with the Reactor
Supervisor, and in cases of disagreement reference
will be made to the Director and Reactor Staff for
6. Reactor Safety Officer
(a) Responsible to Director, (but works closely with
Reactor Supervisor and all members of the project)
to see that all safety regulations are observed
and that accepted safety practices are followed.
(b) Is informed in advance of all anticipated usage of
the reactor.
(a) Handles personnel, building, and area monitoring equip-
and records; maintains portable monitoring and
emergency equipment in good repair.
(d) Cooperates closely with Radiological Safety Officer
(The Reactor Safety Officer and the campus Radiologi-
Safety Officer my be the same person performing
in different capacities.

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7. Reactor Staff Group A
Clifford Beck
Raymond Murray
Arthur Menius
Group B
Joseph Lundholm
Harold Lamonds
J. T. Lynn
E. J. Brown
David O. Lintz
Charles Terrell
A. W. Waltner
(a) In any actual operation of the Reactor, one
member of Group A must be designated as the
responsible Supervisor In Charge
(b) In an actual operation of the Reactor, at
least two persons from the Reactor Staff must
be present. The Supervisor In Charge (from
Group A) must be present during start-up; must
make the plan of the experiment, responsibility
for execution, and the responsibility for proper
close down, a matter of record in the log-book,
before he leaves the group.