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Moravian Archives
Moravian Church in America, Southern Province
4 East Bank Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101-5307

Access to the Moravian Archives is by appointment only.

The Moravian Archives has extensive holdings of North Carolina Moravian town plans and individual building plans (including churches) from the 1750s - present.

Maps and Plans Collection

Chiefly land records including several 18th century surveys and maps of the Wachovia tract (indexed by item) and 18th century deeds of the Bethabara, Bethania, and Salem settlements.

Salem series include 1847 ground floor plan and side elevation of the Cape Fear Branch Bank building; undated boarding school plan; Salem Home Church, details and elevation; 1836 drawings of the Salem Cotton Mill.

Blueprints, Drawings, and Plans Collection

Bethabara, restoration and excavation working maps and drawings , ca. 1960
Moravian Church Archives building, Bethlehem, PA, blueprints, 1929
Boys School, Winston-Salem, blueprint, 1930
Clemmon's Boys Dormitory, Clemmons, NC, blueprint by Fogle Brothers, 1907
Church and school plans (proposed), New Clemmonsville, NC, blueprints by Max Schropp of Brooklyn, NY, n.d.
Clemmons property in Asheville, NC, blueprints, 1906
Hall of History, Winston-Salem, undated, by Hall Crews, AIA
Home Church and Salem College, plans of property showing location prior to 1914
Moravian College and Theological Seminary development plans by Charles Z. Klauder of Philadelphia, 1941
Pfohl Memorial Apartments, Winston-Salem, blueprints and specifications by Willard C. Northup, 1921
Adam Spach Rock House, restoration plans by Hall Crews, AIA, 1939
Vogler Store Building, Winston-Salem, blueprints and specifications by William Roy Wallace, 1936
Wachovia Historical Society, proposed additions by Fogle Brothers, 1927
Belo Home, Winston-Salem, alternation suggested by C. Pfohl, 1953
Ardmore Church plans for addition by Northup & O'Brien, 1945

Also includes blueprints and drawings for over 30 Moravian churches generally for additions and alterations, (bulk 1920s & 1950s).

Map Files "B" Collection

This collection came to the Moravian Archives in 1992, donated by AT&T. Workers had found the drawings on a flatbed truck headed for the metal recycler. Chiefly blueprints and construction drawings.

Bahnson, A. H. residence, Winston-Salem, by Willard C. Northup, 1919
Bethania church addition to by Oliver T. Hayes, 1964
Brickenstein, L. B. residence, by Frank P. Milburn & Co., ca. 1890s
Calvary Church, additions and master plan by Adams & Pegram, 1962
Davis, Dr. Thomas W. residence, Winston-Salem, by Willard C. Northup, 1909
Davis, Dr. Thomas W. residence, kitchen renovations and extensions by Northup & O'Brien, 1927
Dye House, by Thomas Wood, 1882
Konnoak Hills, proposed building by Cyrill H. Pfohl, 1950
Liberty Street Building, Fairview, plans and specifications by Willard C. Northup, 1923
Starbuck, C. S. residence, Winston-Salem, Willard C. Northup, 1914

Buildings, Accounts, and Historical Sketches

Includes 18th and 19th century accounts, contracts, requests for additions and expense records for buildings chiefly in Salem, but also in Bethabara and Bethania.

Old Salem, Incorporated
600 S. Main Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Architectural Drawings Files

Includes over 1,000 drawings (chiefly original drawings, some blueprints and construction drawings) from 1950 to present for 54 lots in Old Salem. Architects and firms represented include:

Bouldin, E. E. , Jr.
Walter Hamill, Associates, Inc.
Historic American Buildings Survey
Lashmit, James, Brown & Pollock (Lashmit, Brown & Pollock)
Newman, Calloway, Johnson, Van Etten & Winfree
Northup, Willard C.
Northup & O'Brien
Perry, Shaw & Hepburn, Kehoe & Dean, Boston, MA
Pfohl, Cyrill H.
Phillips, C. A., Preservation Consultant
Phillips & Opperman, PA
Charles A. Torrence, Co., Inc.
Wallace, William Roy

Building Lot Files

A collection of all data pertaining to a specific building lot in Salem. Deeds, plats, maps, photos historic references, etc. (1750s-1857). Lot system established in 1819 (1-120) is still used as the organizational structure of information.

Inventory of Trades of Salem Residents

Partial list by trade of Salem residents, cross-referenced with personnel files, (1750s-1857).

Old Salem & MESDA Resource Files (Inventory of People Living in Salem)

Comprehensive personnel cards, catalogued by name, for residents of Salem. Extracts are from various records of the Moravians: photos, paintings, wills memoirs, diaries, letters, etc. (1750s-1857).

Collection of 18th, 19th, and 20th century research maps of Winston-Salem, Bethania, and Bethabara.

Wake Forest University, Z. Smith Reynolds Library, Archives
PO Box 7777, Reynolda Station
Winston-Salem, NC 27109

Baptist Historical Society Collection

Includes original drawings (ink on linen) of R. J. Reynold's town house, Winston-Salem designed by George F. Barber, 1890.

John Berry Collection, PCMS 5

Biographical information regarding John Berry, especially regarding his relationship with Wake Forest College, Wake Forest, NC. Includes essays, news clippings, pamphlets, and correspondence, chiefly from 1950s and 1960s.

Irving E. Carlyle, PCMS 175

Requires permission of the Carlyle family for access. Includes correspondence, reports, and minutes of the Wake Forest College Architects Committee (1951-1956), and the Planning and Building Committee (1948-1956). Also includes correspondence with Jens Frederick Larson, 1947-1959.

Graylyn Estate Papers, PCMS 176

Includes two drawings for the Reynolda area, 1922, 1925; over 80 drawings of the Graylyn Estate including preliminary sketches, 1928; landscape drawings, 1927-28 by Thomas W. Sears; site plans by Northup & O'Brien, 1929; 1959 additions to the guest house by Lashmit, James, Brown & Pollock; site plans by Lord & Burnham, 1928-29; main house plans, 1927-28, drawings by Luther Lashmit, Northup & O'Brien, Thomas W. Sears, LeLoi & Lashmit; main house additions by Southwell, 1939 & 1951.

Also includes Thomas Gray's research materials and thesis with photographs, "Graylyn: A Norman Revival Estate in North Carolina."

Vendor Files (1928-1930), include records (invoices, orders, etc.) of materials purchased for the construction of the estate. Companies represented include Lord & Burnham Co., Thomas W. Sears, and North Eastern Construction Co.

Reynolds Family Papers, PCMS 194

Katherine S. Reynolds papers include correspondence with Charles Barton Keene, architect, 1912-1919 and Louis L. Miller, landscape engineer, 1912-1915, and several other vendors.

Photographs series include construction and "panoramic" photographs of the Reynolda Estate, ca. 1915.

Specifications series (1912-1916) includes specifications for the Reynolda Estate by Wiley & Wilson, consulting engineers, Charles Barton Keene, and Willard C. Northup.

Reynolda Farms papers include financial papers regarding the construction and operation of the estate.

Subject files include articles collected about the work of Charles Barton Keene.

Architect's Plans & Drawings series includes construction drawings (blueprints) of Reynolda Estate (1915-1927). Also includes work by Thomas W. Sears, Charles Barton Keene, and Willard C. Northup. Includes unsigned linen drawings of the Reynolds' West 5th Street residence by Charles Barton Keene, 1916. The inventory of the collection describes each blueprint in detail, giving the subject, date, size, and architect.

Campus Plans and Blueprints (Wake Forest Univ. Record Group #32)

Includes complete collection of campus plans and blueprints, chiefly by Jens Frederick Larson, architect of the campus, (1947-55). Also includes landscape plans by Thomas W. Sears (1955-56); undated drawing for the Fine Arts Building; and 1939 Northup & O'Brien drawings for "The Ship" (aka Merry Acres or the Alumni House).

President's Office Files (Record Group 1.10 & 1.11)

Includes correspondence with Jens Frederick Larson regarding the construction of the campus.

Bursars Office Records (Record Group 17.3)

Includes records of the Building and Planning Committee (1951), and budgets and expenses (1930s).