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Greensboro Historical Museum
130 Summit Avenue
Greensboro NC 27401

Blueprints for the rehabilitation (1937) of the Old Presbyterian Church, Greensboro. Rehabilitation architect was William C. Holleyman, Jr.

Original ink on linen drawings (1925) for the Central Fire Station, Greensboro, by Charles Hartmann. Includes elevations and floor plans.

Greensboro Preservation Society
Box 13136, Golden Gate Station
Greensboro NC 27415

Original rendering (framed) of the John Lindsey Morehead House in Charlotte by Samuel Sloan, ca. 1870-75.

University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Special Collections/Archives
Jackson Library
Greensboro NC 27412

University Archives

The University Archives has a large collection of photographs of the campus buildings and grounds dating from the opening of the school in 1892. Several aerial photographs are included in this collection. The archives houses only a small number of campus blueprints. Most blueprints are housed with the Physical Plant Division of the University which does not offer public reference service. Other significant collections include the following:

Julius Isaac Foust Papers

Collection includes correspondence with the firm of Hook & Rogers (1910s) and Thomas Sears (1920s) regarding construction of campus buildings and landscaping. Hook's correspondence generally regards travel arrangements and coordinating meeting times. Attached to a 1904 Hook letter is a photograph of a rendering of Spencer Hall by Hook.

Warren H. Manning Collection (1902-1919)

Blueprints, pen and pencil drawings and one watercolor--including topographical maps, grading plans, elevations of proposed buildings, exterior and interior drawings of the proposed buildings, landscape designs, regional planning and road arrangements--all relating to the State Normal and Industrial School, State Normal and Industrial College, and the North Carolina College for Women (all predecessors of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro).

Charles Duncan McIver Papers

Collection contains correspondence with the firm of Hook & Sawyer (1890s and 1900s) regarding design and construction of campus buildings. Also includes a 1905 sketch for a pavilion on campus.

Woman's Association for the Betterment of Public School Houses in North Carolina (1900-1905)

Photographs of school houses in North Carolina--some identified and dated--others with no date or description. (The photographs are part of a larger collection of the organization's records.)