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Major Architectural Collections in Repositories Outside North Carolina

These collections that were surveyed contain material on North Carolina architects, builders, or projects.  The hypertext links below go directly to survey description of particular North Carolina holdings.  Links within the survey description provide direct access to the referenced institution's Web site.

Wesleyan University
Library, Special Collections
Middletown, CT 06457

Collections of the following architect(s) who practiced in North Carolina:
Henry Bacon (collection does not include any North Carolina work)

Columbia University - Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library
Drawings and Archives
New York, NY 10027

Collections of the following architect(s) who practiced in North Carolina:
Alexander Jackson Davis; Raphael Guastavino; Richard Upjohn

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Department of Prints and Illustrated Books
1000 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10028-0128

Collections of the following architect(s) who practiced in North Carolina:
Alexander Jackson Davis

New-York Historical Society
Print Room, 170 Central Park West
New York, NY 10024

Collections of the following architect(s) who practiced in North Carolina:
John Hawks (Tryon Palace); Alexander Jackson Davis (collection does not include any North Carolina work)

New York Public Library
The Research Libraries
Manuscripts and Archives
Fifth Avenue & 42nd Streets
New York, NY 10018

Collections of the following architect(s) who practiced in North Carolina:
Alexander Jackson Davis; Richard Upjohn

Athenaeum of Philadelphia
219 South Sixth Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Collections of the following architect(s) who practiced in North Carolina:
Thomas U. Walter

Syracuse University
George Arents Research Library for Special Collections
E.S. Bird Library
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Collection of the following architect(s) who practiced in North Carolina:
Aymar Embury, II

American Architectural Foundation, Octagon House Museum
Prints and Drawings Collection
Washington, DC 20006

Richard Morris Hunt Collection

Collection includes approximately one-half of Hunt's drawings and renderings for the Biltmore Estate, Asheville, North Carolina.

American Institute of Architects
AIA Library and Archives
1735 New York Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20006

Membership Files (RG 803)

The AIA Library and Archives maintains membership files for over 100,000 architects who have been or applied to be members of AIA. The files vary in size depending on the amount of information submitted by the architect. Generally, there are no drawings within the files, though many contain photographs or firm brochures. Information is biographical in nature and dates refer to the records, not to the architect. The following list represents the AIA members for whom the AIA Library and Archives holds membership information. This list reflects only those records that have been indexed and cataloged (generally deceased members), which constitutes less than one fourth of the total files.

Appleget, G. S. H., Charlotte
Asbury, Louis H., Charlotte, 1908
Austin, Edmund James, Pine Bluff, 1957-1983
Batts, Waverly Garland, Raleigh, 1967-1980
Berryman, George, Raleigh, 1946-1959
Blosser, Dale Alan, Raleigh, 1965-1982
Boney, Charles, Wilmington
Boney, Leslie Norwood, Wilmington, 1955-1964
Boney, Leslie N., Jr., Wilmington
Boney, William, Wilmington
Bonitz, H. E., Wilmington
Bowles, William A., Charlotte, 1953-1975
Boyer, M. E., Charlotte, 1920
Breeze, Victor Winfred, Shelby, 1938-1961
Burns, Norma Decamp, Raleigh
Cameron, Albert Barnes, Charlotte, 1954-1968
Cardelli, Aldo B., New Bern, 1958-1982
Carr, George W., Durham, 1975
Carrier, A. Heath, Asheville, 1916-1920
Chadwick, Albert A., Charlotte, 1920
Chriscoe, Ronald Lee, Burlington, 1976
Clarke, Frank F., Morehead City, 1947-1978
Cole, Victor O'Lynne, Raleigh, 1959-1965
Coleman, William A., Kinston, 1946-1974
Connelly, Charles Wearn, Charlotte, 1944-1968
Cooper, Thomas Wright, Raleigh, 1944-1957
Cothran, Thomas W., Shelby, 1946-1981
Crampton, Guy E., Raleigh, 1948-1978
Crews, Hall, Winston-Salem, 1946
Dale, Lucian, Charlotte, 1956-1957
Davis, Roger Baxter, Durham, 1945-1964
Davis, Archie Royal, Durham, 1944-1980
De Loi, James V., Durham, 1946
Deitrick, William Henley, Raleigh, 1953-1974
Dixon, Stiles S., Fayetteville, 1921
Dodge, Willian Waldo, Jr., Asheville, 1929
Edwards, James M., Raleigh, 1945-1964
Etheridge, Robert Winston, Raleigh, 1954-1965
Everhart, Eccles Dewey, High Point, 1940-1965
Ferebee, S. Scott, Jr., Charlotte
Fishel, J. Stanley, Raleigh, 1955
Foard, Osborn Giles, Wilmington, 1949-1957
Gaines, Henry Irvin, Asheville, 1946
Gause, James F., Wilmington, 1921
Gerrald, Coswell Ellis, Greensboro, 1972-1975
Gilland, Ralph Lynwood, Charlotte, 1963-1965
Griffin, W. Barwick, Goldsboro, 1946
Griffith, James Walter, Greenville, 1947-1962
Hall, Louise, Durham, 1950-1975
Ham, Marion, Durham, 1946
Hargett, Warren Elliot, Kinston, 1963-1987
Hartge, C. E., Raleigh, 1916-1919
Hartmann, Charles C., Greensboro, 1946
Hays, Joseph G., Charlotte, 1965-1981
Hemphill, James Calvin, Charlotte, 1917-1970
Hopper, James W., Leakesville, 1921
Horton, Frank, Hickory, 1948-1975
Hughes, Raleigh James, Greensboro, 1921
Huling, Robert C., Salisbury, 1961-1966
Jones, Arthur Laidler, Tryon, 1947-1962
Kennedy, J. Robie, Raleigh, 1946
Knott, Charles Franklin, Durham, 1956-1982
Lankes, J. J., Durham, 1923-1958
Larson, Jens Frederick, Winston-Salem, 1981
Laslett, Basil G. F., Fayetteville, 1944-1978
Laz, Willian Joseph, Charlotte, 1949-1961
Lee, Elizabeth Bobbitt, Fayetteville
Lee, Perry Earle, Charlotte, 1948-1983
Linthicum, Hill C., Durham, 1919
Lord, William H., Asheville, 1913-1919
Lowenstein, Edward, Greensboro, 1947
Macklin, Harold, Winston-Salem, 1920
Markley, Robert Redding, Durham, 1947-1959
Mauney, Richard E., Winston-Salem, 1961-1979
Maxwell, Allen J., Goldsboro, 1944-1963
McMinn, Leon, Greensboro, 1947-1969
Miliam, James Pasley, Raleigh, 1957-1975
Nash, Arthur C., Chapel Hill, 1930-1969
Northup & O'Brien, Winston-Salem
Nowicki, Matthew, Raleigh
O'Cain, William H., Hendersonville, 1948-1972
Odell, Arthur Gould, Jr., Charlotte
Page, Jesse M., Jr., Raleigh, 1945-1976
Pearson, Charles, Raleigh
Pfohl, Cyrill Henry, Winston-Salem, 1948-1965
Raley, Joseph O., Charlotte, 1957-1970
Rickenbaker, Thomas C., Charlotte, 1958-1984
Rivers, Joseph D., Durham, 1946-1978
Riviere, Jack P., Shelby, 1954-1970
Rose, William P., Raleigh
Rossiter, Marion, Charlotte, 1931-1977
Simpson, James M., Kinston, 1949-1974
Smith, Richard Sharp, Asheville
Snyder, Paul L., Charlotte, 1949-1961
Sprinkle, William V., Durham, 1948-1965
Stephens, Burrett H., New Bern, 1947-1956
Stillwell, Erle G., Asheville, 1937-1978
Thompson, F. K., Raleigh
Van Wageningen, Frederick, Shelby, 1946-1977
Von Dorn, Richard Frederick, Charlotte, 1965-1982
Waugh, Edward W., Raleigh, 1947-1966
White, Hugh E., Gastonia, 1920
Williams, Turner G., Raleigh, 1953-1982
Wills, Arthur J., Asheville, 1892, 1901
Willis Brothers, Asheville
Wingate, Thomas E., Charlotte, 1966-1977
Woodruff, Albert C., Greensboro, 1946

North Carolina Associations (RG 801)
AIA, North Carolina Chapter, 1914-present
North Carolina Architectural Association, 1910-1914
Southern Chapter, AIA, 1890s

North Carolina Buildings, Competitions (RG 802), Awards, (RG 806).
Information contained in these files depends on the material submitted by the architect. May include photographs, drawings, renderings, etc.

Charlotte Band Shell, 1964
Charlotte Country Club, 1930
Double Oaks elementary Schools, Charlotte, Arthur Gould Odell, Jr., 1954
Duke University, 1961
Duke Endowment, Rural Churches Program, 1960
Guilford Courthouse Battlefield, 1910-1911
George Matsumoto Residence-Studio, Raleigh, 1950
North Carolina National Bank branch, Charlotte, Wolf Associates, 1971, 1974
North Carolina State College, general program, 1910-1911
North Carolina State College, Alumni Memorial Building, 1946
North Carolina State Fair Pavilion, Raleigh, Matthew Nowicki, 1953
North Carolina state office building, 1937
R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company Building, Winston-Salem, Shreve & Lamb, Hammill-Walter, Croxton Collaborative, 1984
Salisbury Military Monument, Upjohn, Richard, 1874-1878
Southern Service Center for Equitable Life Assurance Society, Charlotte, Wolf Associates, Architects, 1980
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Medical Building, 1937
Wilson Junior High School, Charlotte, Arthur Gould Odell, Jr., 1957

Information on architects who worked in North Carolina can be found within various Record Groups. Selections include:

Bacon, Henry
Bauer, A. G.
Brown, Glenn
Carrere & Hastings
Davis, A. J.
Dozier, Henrietta
Dudley, Henry
Embury, Aymar
Getaz, David & Co.
Guastavino, Raphael (father/son)
Hunt, Richard Howland
Hunt, Richard Morris
Milburn Heister Company
Mindeleff, Victor
Murchison, Kenneth
Nowicki, Matthew
Pope, John Russell
Sloan, Samuel
Upjohn, Hobart
Upjohn, Richard
Walter, Thomas U.

Yale University
Sterling Memorial Library
Manuscripts and Archives
P.O. Box 208240
New Haven, CT 06520-8240

Bunnell Family Papers, 1772-1958 (MS 1149)

Collection includes a complete photocopy of Rufus Bunnell's "Recollections," based on his journal entries.

Atlanta History Center (This entry added in 2009)
Kenan Research Center
130 West Paces Ferry Road NW
Atlanta, GA 30305-1366
404/ 14-4000

The center holds drawings of architect J. Neel Reid and the firm Hentz and Reid. North Carolina commissions are included. Some information about these drawings can be accessed online.