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Centennial Campus Interviews — Winwood

Q: Interviewer
Winwood: Dave Winwood

Winwood: I’m David Winwood, Director of Centennial Campus.

Q: Okay, this is an off-camera interview, and I’m just going to ask you a couple of questions to get you started, but direct your responses to me. Just tell us what you role is here now and how you came to be here.

Winwood: Director of Centennial Campus. Returned to the university after a couple years of absence, and was hired to direct the next phase of Centennial Campus’s growth and development in this community.

Q: Where do you see the campus going now?

Winwood: I see the campus becoming the destination for this community. I think we’ve proven that the Centennial Campus model which brings together industry and academia and government partners is valid, it works, and now it’s time for us to move onto a growth phase, a new phase, showing a relevance to the community, both close by and at-large in the larger world, larger society.

Q: What has to happen for this campus to continue to be the success it’s been for twenty years?

Winwood: We have to increase our partnership growth programs. We have to show to our industrial and government partners that what we’re doing here is relevant to their needs, to society needs, and to demonstrate that this is a place where those interactions happen and happen easily, that the transactions are routine but exciting, that innovations can take place when the community works together, side by side, the way we see happening here on Centennial Campus.

Q: How does this proposed golf course and the conference center fit into the future and why is it important?

Winwood: I think the golf course and conference center will really add a wonderful dimension to this campus. It will make the campus a destination for people who are not necessarily otherwise engaged in the activities that take place in the university environment, so the community will see that there are relevances, there are items and issues that have taken place here that matter to their everyday life.

Q: To those people over on the other side of the campus who might not see the value of Centennial Campus, or at least know how important it is, how does Centennial Campus make NC State a great university?

Winwood: It makes it a great university by demonstrating to the world that we’re solving the real-world problems, on their doorstep.

Q: Sounds perfect. Do you want to stop tape for a second?

Winwood: The sustainability of this campus, I think there are two levels of response that I have, how we address sustainability. Perhaps the one that is in most folks minds when you talk about sustainability, is this, the natural resources. We’re built in a beautiful location. Some people have described this location and this facility as a living lab, and I think in many ways that’s what we have here. We’re working very closely with our natural resources folks to make sure what we’re doing to the land is appropriately managed. So that’s the environmental sustainability, it’s a very important of what this university is about, managing the resources and assets of the state. The other one is more of a sort of, a traditional business sustainability. This is a model that is new. It’s a bold financing mechanism that we’ve engaged on to build the facilities that you see here, and it requires constant attention to partnership development so that we can sustain the growth and the infrastructure that we’ve decided we need to make this model work.

Q: Perfect.