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Centennial Campus Timeline

1887 - NCSU founded as a land-grant college to improve the agricultural and industrial skills of the post-Civil War laboring classes.

1970s - NCSU develops research centers (precursors to Centennial project) to encourage government and private funding for university.

1984 Fall-Winter - Governor James B. Hunt gives series of speeches about the importance of state funding for biotechnology, microelectronics, and a school of textiles for NCSU.

1984, Dec. - First 385 acres allocated to NCSU out of Dix property by Hunt administration.

1985, Feb. - Additional 450 acres allocated from State Farm Operations Commission by Martin administration.

1985, July- UNC Board of Governors approves request of NCSU Board of Trustees for permission to hire a firm to develop a Master Plan for the use of the Dix property.

1985, Oct. - NCSU Board of Trustees selects Carley Capital Group as the Master Planner/Development Adviser to project.

1986 - NCSU helps to charter AURRP or the Association of University Related Research Parks.

1986, April- NCSU Board of Trustees approves Land Use Master Plan (which involved lands which had not yet been re-allocated or purchased). College of Textiles site selected.

1986- Sept.- NCSU Board of Trustees votes to establish a committee “to coordinate and receive reports from the NCSU Board of Trustees, and [to provide] a place where members of this Board who are interested in the development of the new campus will have an opportunity to talk to their colleagues…”

1986, Nov.- Research I Building site chosen.

1986, Dec.- 1.4 acre lot (formerly site of H.B. Harris house) purchased by NCSU Endowment Board of Trustees for Centennial Campus.

1987, Jan.- Ground-breaking for Research I Building. UNC Board of Governors approve Land Use Master Plan.

1987, April- 2.5 acre purchase of land by NCSU Endowment Board of Trustees from UNC-Greensboro.

1987, May- Land totaling 118.9 acres exchanged with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and reallocated by the Council of State.

1987, June - The Governor and Council of State conduct a formal review of the Master Plan for the Centennial Campus. Both parties unanimously approve and adopt the plan.

1987 - Faculty and administration of the College of Textiles vote unanimously against moving to Centennial Campus.

1988 - Additional 75 acres purchased by NCSU Endowment fund from the Catholic Diocese of Raleigh for $7.5 million (other small purchases and land trades eventually raise total to 1,000 acres).

1988, Feb. - First occupants of first permanent building in NCSU’s Precision Engineering Research Center.

1988, April- The Precision Engineering Center in Research I, the first Centennial Campus building is inaugurated. 8.1 acres of Centennial Campus property leased to the Tammy Lynn Center until 2017. Site selected for future Engineering Graduate Research Center.

1988, May- Ground broken for estimated $31 million College of Textiles.

1988, June- Design contract and document approved for the Engineering Graduate Research Center.

1988, July - Claude E. McKinney leaves post as Dean of the School of Design at NCSU to become the Special Assistant to the Chancellor for the Development of Centennial Campus.

1988, Aug.- Sept.- Raleigh City Council and N.C. Council of State rezoned area as a “mixed-use thoroughfare district.” Phase I Master Plan and Open Space Recreation Plan submitted to city.

1988, Oct.- NCSU Endowment Board of Trustees purchases 75 acres of land from the Catholic Diocese of Raleigh.

1988, Nov.- Site chosen for Research Building II.

1988, Dec.- NCSU Endowment Board of Trustees purchases 2.1 acres of land from Eastman Development.

1989, April - Chancellor Bruce R. Poulton dissolves Centennial Campus Management team as project grows.

1990, Feb.- Ground is broken for Research Building II.

1990, March- Centennial Parkway is approved by NCSU, NC Department of Agriculture, NC Department of Transportation, DCH, and NC Department of Human Resources.

1990, April - Environmental Impact Assessment approved by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

1990, May- Asea Brown Boveri (ABB) Power Transmission Technology Institute submits letter of intent to NCSU.

1990, June- Site chosen for future ABB building.

1990, Aug. - Wolfline adjusts its routes to include Centennial Campus.

1990, Dec.- Construction begins on ABB building.

1991, March or June- Dedication of the College of Textiles.

1991, April- National Weather Service confirms lease contract with Centennial Campus for new Forecast Office in Research Building III.

1991, July - ABB becomes the first corporate tenant at Centennial Campus.

1992, April - City of Raleigh annexed part of Centennial property and adjoining Trailwood Knoll neighborhood to comply with new zoning needs. Research Building III site chosen.

1992, June- Dedication of ABB’s 70,000-sq. ft. Transmission Technology Institute.

1992, Sept. - Chancellor Larry Monteith orders development of new Master Plan in the face of slower than expected growth.

1992, Nov.- Site chosen to build the Centennial Campus electrical substation.

1993, Feb.- Construction of Research Building III begins. Move in begins in January 1994.

1993, Nov. - $310 million in university bonds approved by North Carolina voters; $35 million earmarked for NCSU’s Engineering Graduate Research Center.

1993, Nov. - National Weather Service establishes a Forecast Office in Research Building III and becomes the first government partner at Centennial Campus.

1994, May- Centennial Parkway included in Governor Hunt’s Transportation 2001 Plan.

1994, Aug.- Construction of $35 million Engineering Graduate Research Center begins.

1994, Sept.- Dedication of Research Building III.

1994, Oct.- Centennial Campus 10-Year Celebration.

1995, June- Research Building IV construction begins. It is occupied in August 1996.

1995, Aug.- Construction of first Partners Building. It is occupied in January 1997.

1996, Nov.- Selected departments from the College of Engineering begin to move to Centennial Campus.

1997, Jan.- The 1.9 miles Centennial Parkway access road opens at a cost of approximately $5 million.

1997, Feb.- Construction of Partners Building II begins.

1997 - Construction of Centennial Magnet Middle School begins.

1998 - Dedication of the Engineering Graduate Research Center.

1990s, late - Centennial begins to market to incubator companies.

2000, Fall - Centennial Magnet Middle School opens.

Prepared By: Paige Meszaros, 2004