Visualization Wall


Building: James B. Hunt Jr. Library

Floor: Fourth Floor

On the fourth floor, outside of the Teaching and Visualization Lab, the Visualization Wall features the most unique shape of any of the video walls in the Hunt Library.

The Visualization Wall is available for student, faculty, and community projects.

  •   How do I reserve and access this space?

    This space can be reserved by faculty through special arrangement. Please use the contact email address below.

  •   What's inside?


    • Exhibits / Art

    Sound Level

    Conversation and chatter
  •   Room specs & details


    • Width: 3840 pixels, 25.3 feet including wall space, 9 MicroTiles units
    • Height: 1518 pixels, 10 feet, 10 MicroTiles units

    Aspect ratio     

    23:9 (2.53)

    Ambient light     


    Dwell time     

    Highly variable. 30 seconds as people walk by or hours for campers.



    File types supported

    • Video: .mov, .m4v, .mp4
    • Image: .jpg, .png
    • Applications made in Processing
  •   Design templates

    To help you design your presentation or experience, we provide these templates fitted to our screens:

  •   Who do I contact?


    If you are interested in displaying your work on the Visualization Wall, or if you have any other questions about the Visualization Wall, please contact Chris Tonelli, Director of External Relations.

    Chris Tonelli