Recording in the Music Booths

  • Universal DAW Settings

    Check Your Hardware

    Check that everything is plugged in on the PreSonus. If you're recording with the microphones, check the XLR cable hook ups and be sure they are not loose.

    Turn Up Gain And Volume Knobs On PreSonus

    The gain knobs (first two knobs on the PreSonus) will have to be turned up for any data to move from the microphone, through the PreSonus, to the software. The PreSonus should light up like this when you're recording. If the light gets all the way to the top and turns red, it could mean your audio quality will suffer.

    Be sure the Presonus is on and set up correctly. If you want to hear audio from the speakers be sure the speakers knob is turned up. If you are trying to listen through headphones, make sure the headphones knob is turned up.

    If you turn the Presonus on after you've already launched a software, you'll have to restart the software by right clicking the icon in the dock and selecting quit.

    Check Global Sound Settings

    You'll need to go into System Preferences , then navigate to Sound and be sure, under BOTH Input and Output, the option PreSonus Firestudio is selected. You may need to scroll down a little bit in the selection window.

  • GarageBand Specific Settings

    To get the proper recordings from Garageband you may have to set the input and output in preferences. Navigate to Preferences at the top left of the screen. From there click on Audio/Midi . Then make sure BOTH Input and Output are set to PreSonus FireStudio.

    GarageBand is a little bit more complex than Audacity, so we suggest you see our Project Set Up Guide for step by step instructions on how to start an all new project, or take a look at our Software Specific-Garageband troubleshooting section.