Creativity Studio

James B. Hunt Jr. Library

Fourth Floor

The Creativity Studio is a high-technology white-box room that can be configured for a wide variety of teaching, learning, and collaborative activities in many disciplines. It features high-definition projectors and moveable walls with dry-erase whiteboard surfaces. The Studio can be configured to host simulations, installations and virtual environments.

Visualization services 

Design templates

Furniture options 

25 in Creativity Studio North; 35 in Creativity Studio South. We advise against combining the two sides of the studio for events that involve seating, lectures or presentations, as visibility is severely limited from one room to the other.

Custom software allowed?
Determined on a case-by-case basis

User video connections allowed?
Yes, HDMI and VGA

Food / beverage / catering allowed?

Public visibility?

Special Features:

  • Modular dry-erase whiteboard walls
  • Multiple projectable surfaces
  • Theater lighting