3D Scanning Studio

  • Hill Junior 3 D Scanning Studio
  • Artec L E O scanning of a person
  • Man using the Artec L E O to scan an object.
  • Photogrammetry in the 3 D scanning studio

Building: D. H. Hill Jr. Library

Floor: Second Floor, West Wing

Rooms: 2322

In Spring 2021, the 3D Scanning Studio is closed for reservations in accordance with NC State's Protect the Pack Guidelines.

If you have an instructional or academic need for 3D scanning technology, you can request a technology consultation for assistance from staff working with these 3D scanning spaces and devices.

The 3D Scanning Studio provides support for multiple methods for digitizing physical objects of varying size, producing 3D models that can be used for 3D printing, game design, virtual and augmented reality projects, and more. The Studio supports 3D scanning, which uses laser or light distortion to construct a 3D model of an object, and photogrammetry, a method by which many photos of an object from different angles are combined in software to create a 3D composite. These methods and tools are useful to many disciplines at NC State, including anatomy, archaeology, engineering, plant biology, public history, and more.



The following technology is available within the 3D Scanning Studio:

3D Scanning/Photogrammetry Workstation
3D Scanning & Photogrammetry Workstation
Artec Eva 3D Scanner
Artec Leo 3D Scanner


Photogrammetry Station with Canon DSLR
Canon DSLR
NextEngine 3D Scanner HD
NextEngine 3D Scanner HD


Only currently affiliated students, faculty, and staff of NC State may gain access to the D. H. Hill Jr. 3D Scanning Studio. To do so, you must first attend an Orientation session, to ensure your safety and introduce you to various 3D Scanning Studio equipment.