University Archives: More about the Archives


The University Archives collects, preserves, and makes accessible resources that document the growth and development of the university and its continued service to the people of North Carolina.  It provides a resource for study and scholarship while ensuring that future generations will have resources available to understand and interpret the history and achievements of North Carolina State University.

By preserving the University's documentary heritage, the Archives makes it possible to study the contributions by members of the University community to the institution's growth. Beyond collecting the institutional records of NCSU, the University Archives and the Special Collections Research Center also collect materials about and document student leadership and participation.


The University Archives is comprised of primary source material created or collected by university staff, faculty, and administrators during the history of the university. These materials date from 1879 to the present. They include

  • correspondence
  • annual and other reports
  • meeting minutes
  • pamphlets
  • brochures
  • flyers
  • proceedings
  • newsletters
  • manuals
  • organizational charts
  • speeches
  • architectural drawings
  • maps
  • photographs
  • motion picture film
  • video and audio recordings

More detailed descriptions of University Archives holdings are available through online collection guides.


According to archival principles, records in the NCSU University Archives are organized by the campus units that originally created or maintained them. The Archives are broken down into record groups and sub-groups that correspond to the university's colleges, departments, and other units, e.g., Office of the Chancellor Records, College of Engineering Records, Department of Nuclear Engineering Records, etc.

Classification mumbers are assigned to record groups and sub-groups, essentially serving as call numbers to assist patrons in gaining access to the materials. For example, the number UA 105 is for the the College of Engineering Records and UA 105.016 for the Department of Nuclear Engineering Records.

Collection Guides

Most records held by the University Archives are stored in boxes.  To assist researchers determine which boxes contain pertinent materials, the archival staff has created online collection guides that detail box contents.  There are collection guides for most record groups and sub-groups in the University Archives.

Origins of the University Archives