Lewis Clarke Oral Histories | Randy Hester

Randy Hester

Interview with Randy Hester, landscape architect and consultant

Interviewer: Yona R. Owens
Location: Durham, N.C.
Interview Date: Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A native of Hester’s Store, N.C., Randolph T. “Randy” Hester graduated from the North Carolina State University School (now College) of Design in landscape architecture in 1968. He also earned a sociology degree in 1969, and continued on to Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) where he earned a master’s in landscape architecture under the guidance of Hideo Sasaki. Over his long and accomplished career, Hester worked for Lewis Clarke Associates (LCA), taught at NCSU, Penn State, and UC-Berkeley; created a design philosophy now known as ecological democracy; wrote many books and articles; and founded SAVE International. Recently retired from teaching, Hester lectures and consults throughout the world. An ASLA Fellow, he received MIT’s Kevin Lynch Award in April 2011.

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