Collecting Areas

We acquire and build special collections in areas of strength for NC State. Specifically, research materials documenting historical and contemporary aspects are actively built in these disciplines and fields of study:

Animal Rights and Welfare

Animal rights and welfare collections document the social, cultural, legislative, political, and intellectual history of animal welfare and animal rights. The Tom Regan Animal Rights Archive, established in 2000 by NCSU Emeritus Professor of Philosophy Tom Regan, serves as the foundation of this collecting area. 

Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Design

Architecture, landscape architecture, and design collections include the papers, drawings, and records of top architectural and design firms in the state and region; award-winning architects, especially modernists; and leading landscape architects. This collecting area includes the papers and works of prominent faculty members from the NCSU College of Design. 


Entomology collections include the papers of prominent NC State faculty notably Zeno P. Metcalf, records from the NC State Department of Entomology and other organizations. The rare book collections span over five centuries, ranging from incunabula to modern press books and serials, the core of which are the entire research collections of Metcalf and Friedrich Tippmann.

History of Computing and Simulation

The Computer Simulation Archive was established in 1998 with donations of papers and research materials by Robert G. Sargent, Alan Pritsker, and Julian Reitman.   The papers and records of prominent scholars in the history of computing and simulation are key collecting areas. These materials capture the history of simulation, which encompasses the theory, methodology, and practice arising at the interface of applied probability, computer science, electrical and computer engineering, industrial and systems engineering, management, manufacturing engineering, operations research, and statistics. 

North Carolina State University History

NC State history is preserved within the University Archives, as well as collections from alumni, faculty, and administrators.

Plant and Forestry Genetics and Genomics

Plant and forestry genetics and genomics collections document the work of prominent NC State faculty in plant and forestry genomics, including scholars who played fundamental roles in the founding and development of the disciplines. Materials relating to plant, agriculture, and crop sciences; botany; plant pathology; and the history of forestry are all of critical interest.  


Textiles collections include the papers of prominent NC State faculty involved in textiles research, outreach, and development as well as items that document the history of the College of Textiles and Centennial Campus. Materials documenting the history of the textiles industry in North Carolina are also strengths of the collection, as are records about the development of technologies relating to medical textiles, non-woven fabrics, color, textiles chemistry, and research into new fibers. 

Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary medicine collections include the papers and records of prominent NC State faculty performing veterinary medicine based research in toxicology, biochemistry, biomathematics, pharmacology, and immunology. The papers of prominent veterinary medical scholars from all specialties are also core collecting areas, as are animal welfare collections, with particular emphasis on ethical and sustainable research practices. 

Zoological Health

Zoological health collections document the work, teaching and research of pioneers and leading practitioners in the health management of free ranging and captive wildlife. The collections include the papers of prominent NC State faculty and significant pioneers who developed revolutionizing health services and innovations in the field.