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William Waldo Dodge Papers, 1916-1995 (MC 372)

The William Waldo Dodge Papers, 1916-1995, document the professional activities of architects William Waldo Dodge, Jr., William Waldo Dodge III, and their firms. The collection consists of project drawings, project files, and reference materials. Drawings are of architectural design projects and include site plans, floor plans, elevations, detail drawings, and sketches. Project files include specification manuals, reports, studies, and other material. Reference materials include design competition manuals, design guidelines, specification standards, and other publications in architectural design. 

James Fitzgibbon Papers, 1948-1952 (MC 381)

This collection includes architect and North Carolina State University School of Design professor James Fitzgibbon’s architectural drawings for the Ralph Fadum House of Raleigh, North Carolina, the George W. Paschal House, also of Raleigh, and the Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Daniel House of Knoxville, Tennessee. 

Frank Harmon Papers, circa 1940-2012 (MC 451)

The Frank Harmon Papers, circa 1940-2012, document the professional activities of Harmon and his architectural firm, Frank Harmon Architect. The collection is arranged into the following series: project files, drawings, photographs, article files, and models. Project files include correspondence with clients; architectural drawings include iterations of designs, as well as final construction documents; photographs document the construction process; and article files relate to Harmon’s publications. Architectural models exist for a limited number of projects. Also included in the collection are blueprints from Harmon's close friends and architect Harwell Hamilton Harris, as well as files from Jean Murray Bangs Harris. 

Henry Leveke Kamphoefner Papers, 1924-1990 (MC 198)

The Henry Leveke Kamphoefner Papers date from 1924 to 1990 and include correspondence, magazine articles, news clippings, speeches, photographs, architectural drawings, and artifacts. The collection documents Kamphoefner's professional life as an architect and as a professor and dean at North Carolina State University. It also includes information about Kamphoefner's personal life. Included are materials relating to Kamphoefner's private architectural practice in Sioux City, Iowa; his tenure as professor at the School of Architecture at the University of Oklahoma; and his activities after retirement at NCSU at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and at Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina. Kamphoefner kept meticulous copies of his own letters as well as those received. 

George Matsumoto Papers, 1945-1991 (MC 00042)

The bulk of these papers and drawings document the architectural practice of George Matsumoto between 1948 and 1961.  These years correspond to his residence in Raleigh, North Carolina, and his tenure on the faculty of North Carolina State College (later North Carolina State University). The collection relates solely to Matsumoto's architectural practice, and there is limited information regarding Matsumoto's personal life and teaching career. Projects in the collection include residential work chiefly in Raleigh, but also in Chapel Hill, Sedgefield ( Greensboro), and Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, and Richmond, Virginia. The collection includes correspondence, photographs, blueprints, scrapbooks, and architectural drawings that pertain to his modern residential and commercial designs. 

Matthew Nowicki Drawings and Other Material, 1944-2002 (MC 190)

The Matthew Nowicki Drawings and Other Material, 1944-2002, contain architectural drawings and sketches, but it also includes his writings as well as biographical sketches written about Nowicki. Writings by Nowicki include a speech and several articles on architectural design. Documents written about Nowicki include newspaper and magazine articles, mostly composed after his death, and several biographical compilations of Nowicki's work. Along with Nowicki's drawings and sketches for the North Carolina State Fairgrounds and Dorton Arena, there are preliminary drawings that were done for Mayer and Whittlesey in 1950, drawings for the city of Chandigarh in Punjab, and a three-dimensional model of Dorton Arena.

Martha Scotford Research and Study Collection on Graphic Design, 1608, 1878-2006 (MC 434)

This collection contains graphic design samples from students and faculty from the NCSU College of Design. It also includes graphic design trade publications, as well as catalogs and other promotional materials of type, paper, printing, and design companies. There are numerous examples of publications notable for their graphic design. Well represented is American, Italian, Russian, and other European design of the twentieth century. There is also a small collection of phonograph album covers designed by Alex Steinweiss. There is a large German Bible (1607). 

G. Milton Small Papers, 1950-1984 (MC 00006)

The G. Milton Small Papers contain architectural drawings and photographs of projects and structures designed by architect G. Milton Small between 1950 and 1981. The collection primarily consists of architectural drawings of Small's designs, many of which were constructed on the North Carolina State University campus and elsewhere in the Raleigh, North Carolina, region. The collection also contains photographs taken by architectural photographers Joseph Molitor and Holland Wright, as well as Small's writings on computerized parking systems.

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