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The SPR and Copyright

Placing material in the Scholarly Publications Repository (SPR) will not alter its previously existing copyright ownership status.

Contributors to the SPR must represent that they either own or possess (perhaps through permission from the copyright holder, e.g., the publisher) all of the rights necessary to contribute the work.

In brief, an NCSU author has the right to post works in the repository if:

  • the author holds the copyright;
  • the publisher’s policy allows it;
  • the publisher hold copyright and grants permission;
  • or the university shop right is invoked, pursuant to NC State's Copyright Regulation.

If you are not sure of the rights to post your work, see Guidelines for Determining Your Rights to Deposit Works in the NCSU Scholarly Publications Repository.

You may also want to see the Non-exclusive license to which all contributors must agree.

For further information on copyright, contact the Copyright & Digital Scholarship Center.

For specific questions, please email repository@ncsu.edu.