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About The Scholarly Publications Repository

The NCSU Scholarly Publications Repository (SPR) preserves and provides ongoing access to scholarly materials created at NC State University.

The SPR contains publications to over 27,000 scholarly publications produced by NC State faculty and researchers since 1997, with limited pre-1997 publications. As the SPR grows, it will include additional publications and the associated works where available.

Works in the SPR are accessible via web search engines such as Google. The repository infrastructure is capable of holding many different types of materials – articles, chapters, books, technical reports, patents, conference papers, software, and data sets, along with digital audiovisual media or other associated materials. The Libraries is committed to maintaining the repository contents indefinitely with a permanent, citable URI for each item.

Current NC State faculty, research staff, and graduate students may submit content using an online form, or by contacting repository@ncsu.edu. Placing materials in the repository does not alter a work’s copyright ownership.

The SPR does not contain a comprehensive listing of all the works produced by NC State authors. Library staff can assist in locating other works not included here.

The NCSU Libraries receives guidance from the SPR Advisory Council in managing the SPR.

Guidelines for the NCSU Scholarly Publications Repository