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Number of Publications: 13
Kay, Michael G.

Strong, D., Kay, M., Conner, B., Wakefield, T., & Manogharan, G. (2018). Hybrid manufacturing - integrating traditional manufacturers with additive manufacturing (AM) supply chain. Additive Manufacturing, 21, 159-173.

Karagul, K., Kay, M. G., & Tokat, S. (2018). A new method for generating initial solutions of capacitated vehicle routing problems. Gazi University Journal of Science, 31(2), 489-513.

Kim, G., Hodgson, T. J., King, R. E., Liu, Y. N., & Kay, M. G. (2017). Allocation heuristics for high-altitude long- endurance UAV image intelligence platforms. Military Operations Research, 22(3), 5-19.

Hanson, B. B., Hodgson, T. J., Kay, M. G., King, R. E., & Thoney-Barletta, K. A. (2015). On the economic lot scheduling problem: Stock-out prevention and system feasibility. International Journal of Production Research, 53(16), 4903-4916.

Tejada, J. J., Ivy, J. S., King, R. E., Wilson, J. R., Ballan, M. J., Kay, M. G., Diehl, K. M., & Yankaskas, B. C. (2014). Combined DES/SD model of breast cancer screening for older women, II: screening-and-treatment simulation. IIE Transactions, 46(7), 707-727.

Kay, M. G., & Warsing, D. P. (2009). Estimating LTL rates using publicly available empirical data. International Journal of Logistics, 12(3), 165-193.

Hodgson, T. J., Kay, M. G., Mittal, R. O., & Tang, S. Y. (1999). Evaluation of cylindricity using combinatorics. IIE Transactions, 31(1), 39-47.

Seifert, R. W., Kay, M. G., & Wilson, J. R. (1998). Evaluation of AGV routeing strategies using hierarchical simulation. International Journal of Production Research, 36(7), 1961-1976.

Houck, C. R., Joines, J. A., Kay, M. G., & Wilson, J. R. (1997). Empirical investigation of the benefits of partial Lamarckianism. IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, 5(1), 31-60.

Sargent, T. A., Kay, M. G., & Sargent, R. G. (1997). A methodology for optimally designing console panels for use by a single operator. Human Factors, 39(3), 389-409.

Houck, C. R., Joines, J. A., & Kay, M. G. (1996). Comparison of genetic algorithms, random restart, and two-opt switching for solving large location-allocation problems. Computers & Operations Research, 23(6), 587-596.

Conference Papers
Kefeli, A., Uzsoy, R., Fathi, Y., & Kay, M. (2011). Using a mathematical programming model to examine the marginal price of capacitated resources. (International Journal of Production Economics, 131 1) (pp. 383-391).

Joines, J.A., Thoney, K, & Kay, M.G. (2006). Supply chain multi-objective simulation optimization. In A. Genco (Ed.), 4th International Industrial Simulation Conference 2006 : ISC'2006 ; June 5 - 7, 2006, Palermo, Italy /. (pp. 125-132). Ostend: EUROSIS-ETI.

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