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Number of Publications: 25
Creamer, Nancy G.

Beck, J. E., Schroeder-Moreno, M. S., Fernandez, G. E., Grossman, J. M., & Creamer, N. G. (2016). Effects of cover crops, compost, and vermicompost on strawberry yields and nitrogen availability in North Carolina. HortTechnology, 26(5), 604-613.

O'Connell, S., Grossman, J. M., Hoyt, G. D., Shi, W., Bowen, S., Marticorena, D. C., Fager, K. L., & Creamer, N. G. (2015). A survey of cover crop practices and perceptions of sustainable farmers in North Carolina and the surrounding region. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems, 30(6), 550-562.

Carr, P. M., Mader, P., Creamer, N. G., & Beeby, J. S. (2012). Overview and comparison of conservation tillage practices and organic farming in Europe and North America. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems, 27(1), 2-6.

Reberg-Horton, S. C., Mueller, J. P., Mellage, S. J., Creamer, N. G., Brownie, C., Bell, M., & Burton, M. G. (2011). Influence of field margin type on weed species richness and abundance in conventional crop fields. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems, 26(2), 127-136.

Garland, B. C., Schroeder-Moreno, M. S., Fernandez, G. E., & Creamer, N. G. (2011). Influence of summer cover crops and mycorrhizal fungi on strawberry production in the Southeastern United States. HortScience, 46(7), 985-992.

Vollmer, E. R., Creamer, N., Reberg-Horton, C., & Hoyt, G. (2010). Evaluating cover crop mulches for no-till organic production of onions. HortScience, 45(1), 61-70.

Finney, D. M., Creamer, N. G., Schultheis, J. R., Wagger, M. G., & Brownie, C. (2009). Sorghum sudangrass as a summer cover and hay crop for organic fall cabbage production. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems, 24(3), 225-233.

Sydorovych, O., Raczkowski, C. W., Wossink, A., Mueller, J. P., Creamer, N. G., Hu, S. J., & Bell, M., Tu, C. (2009). A technique for assessing environmental impact risks of agricultural systems. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems, 24(3), 234-243.

Robertson, G. P., Allen, V. G., Boody, G., Boose, E. R., Creamer, N. G., Drinkwater, L. E., Gosz, J. R., Lynch, L., Havlin, J. L., Jackson, L. E., Pickett, S. T. A., Pitelka, L., Randall, A., Reed, A. S., & Seastedt, T. R., Waide, R. B., Wall, D. H. (2008). Long-term agricultural research: A research, education, and extension imperative. BioScience, 58(7), 640-645.

Treadwell, D. D., Creamer, N. G., Hoyt, G. D., & Schultheis, J. R. (2008). Nutrient management with cover crops and compost affects development and yield in organically managed sweetpotato systems. HortScience, 43(5), 1423-1433.

Treadwell, D. D., Creamer, N. G., Schultheis, J. R., & Hoyt, G. D. (2007). Cover crop management affects weeds and yield in organically managed sweetpotato systems. Weed Technology, 21(4), 1039-1048.

Schroeder, M. S., Creamer, N. G., Linker, H. M., Mueller, J. P., & Rzewnicki, P. (2006). Interdisciplinary and multilevel approach to organic and sustainable agriculture education at North Carolina State University. HortTechnology, 16(3), 418-426.

Tu, C., Louws, F. J., Creamer, N. G., Mueller, J. P., Brownie, C., Fager, K., Bell, M., & Hu, S. J. (2006). Responses of soil microbial biomass and N availability to transition strategies from conventional to organic farming systems. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 113(1-4), 206-215.

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Francis, C., Lieblein, G., Gliessman, S., Breland, T. A., Creamer, N., Harwood, R., Salomonsson, L., Helenius, J., Rickerl, D., Salvador, R., Wiedenhoeft, M., Simmons, S., Allen, P., Altieri, M., Flora, C., & Poincelot, R. (2003). Agroecology: The ecology of food systems. Journal of Sustainable Agriculture, 22(3), 99-118.

Seem, J. E., Creamer, N. G., & Monks, D. W. (2003). Critical weed-free period for 'Beauregard' sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas). Weed Technology, 17(4), 686-695.

Treadwell, D. D., McKinney, D. E., & Creamer, N. G. (2003). From philosophy to science: A brief history of organic horticulture in the United States. HortScience, 38(5), 1009-1014.

Mueller, J. P., Barbercheck, M. E., Bell, M., Brownie, C., Creamer, N. G., Hitt, A., Hu, S., King, L., Linker, H. M., Louws, F. J., Marlow, S., Marra, M., Raczkowski, C. W., Susko, D. J., & Wagger, M. G. (2002). Development and implementation of a long-term agricultural systems study: Challenges and opportunities. HortTechnology, 12(3), 362-368.

Creamer, N. G., & Dabney, S. M. (2002). Killing cover crops mechanically: Review of recent literature and assessment of new research results. American Journal of Alternative Agriculture, 17(1), 32.

Crozier, C. R., Creamer, N. G., & Cubeta, M. A. (2000). Fertilizer management impacts on stand establishment, disease, and yield of Irish potato. Potato Research, 43(1), 49-59.

Creamer, N. G., & Baldwin, K. R. (2000). An evaluation of summer cover crops for use in vegetable production systems in North Carolina. HortScience, 35(4), 600-603.

Creamer, N. G., Crozier, C. R., & Cubeta, M. A. (1999). Influence of seedpiece spacing and population on yield, internal quality, and economic performance of Atlantic, Superior, and Snowden potato varieties in eastern North Carolina. American Journal of Potato Research, 76(5), 257-262.

Mundy, C., Creamer, N. G., Crozier, C. R., & Wilson, L. G. (1999). Potato production on wide beds: Impact on yield and selected soil physical characteristics. American Journal of Potato Research, 76(6), 323-330.

Creamer, N. G., Bennett, M. A., & Stinner, B. R. (1997). Evaluation of cover crop mixtures for use in vegetable production systems. HortScience, 32(5), 866-870.

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