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Number of Publications: 12
Obermiller, J. D.

McArtney, S., & Obermiller, J. D. (2015). Effect of notching, 6-benzyladenine, and 6-benzyladenine plus gibberellin A(4) +A(7) on budbreak and shoot development from paradormant buds on the leader of young apple trees. HortTechnology, 25(2), 233-237.

McArtney, S. J., Obermiller, J. D., & Arellano, C. (2012). Comparison of the effects of metamitron on chlorophyll fluorescence and fruit set in apple and peach. HortScience, 47(4), 509-514.

McArtney, S., & Obermiller, J. D. (2011). Effect of dwarfing rootstocks on low temperature tolerance of 'Golden Delicious' apple trees during Winter 2008-2009. Journal American Pomological Society, 65(4), 178-184.

McArtney, S., Parker, M., Obermiller, J., & Hoyt, T. (2011). Effects of 1-Methylcyclopropene on firmness loss and the development of rots in apple fruit kept in farm markets or at elevated temperatures. HortTechnology, 21(4), 494-499.

McArtney, S. J., Obermiller, J. D., Hoyt, T., & Parker, M. L. (2009). 'Law Rome' and 'Golden Delicious' apples differ in their response to preharvest and postharvest 1-Methylcyclopropene treatment combinations. HortScience, 44(6), 1632-1636.

Unrath, C. R., Obermiller, J. D., Green, A., & McArtney, S. J. (2009). The effects of aminoethoxyvinylglycine and naphthaleneacetic acid treatments on abscission and firmness of 'Scarletspur Delicious' apples at normal and delayed harvests. HortTechnology, 19(3), 620-625.

McArtney, S. J., & Obermiller, J. D. (2008). Comparative performance of air-induction and conventional nozzles on an axial fan sprayer in medium density apple orchards. HortTechnology, 18(3), 365-371.

McArtney, S. J., Obermiller, J. D., Schupp, J. R., Parker, M. L., & Edgington, T. B. (2008). Preharvest 1-methyl cyclopropene delays fruit maturity and reduces softening and superficial scald of apples during long-term storage. HortScience, 43(2), 366-371.

McCartney, S., Unrath, D., Obermiller, J. D., & Green, A. (2007). Naphthaleneacetic acid, ethephon, and gibberellin A4+A7 have variable effects on flesh firmness and return bloom of apple. HortTechnology, 17(1), 32-38.

McCartney, S., Obermiller, J. D., & Green, A. (2007). Prohexadione-Ca reduces russet and does not negate the efficacy of GA(4+7) sprays for russet control on 'Golden delicious' apples. HortScience, 42(3), 550-554.

Mcartney, S., Ferree, D., Schmid, J., Obermiller, J. D., & Green, A. (2006). Effects of prohexadione-Ca and GA(4+7) on scarf skin and fruit maturity in apple. HortScience, 41(7), 1602-1605.

Conference Papers
McArtney, S. J., & Obermiller, J. D. (2014). Use of shading and the PSII inhibitor Metamitron to investigate the relationship between carbohydrate balance and chemical thinner activity in apples. In Xii international symposium on plant bioregulators in fruit production. (Acta Horticulturae, 1042) (pp. 27-31).

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