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Number of Publications: 27
Sosinski, Bryon R.

Pascuzzi, P. E., Flores-Vergara, M. A., Lee, T. J., Sosinski, B., Vaughn, M. W., Hanley-Bowdoin, L., Thompson, W. F., & Allen, G. C. (2014). In vivo mapping of Arabidopsis scaffold/matrix attachment regions reveals link to nucleosome-disfavoring poly(dA:dT) tracts. Plant Cell, 26(1), 102-120.

Molina-Bravo, R., Fernandez, G. E., & Sosinski, B. R. (2014). Quantitative trait locus analysis of tolerance to temperature fluctuations in winter, fruit characteristics, flower color, and prickle-free canes in raspberry. Molecular Breeding, 33(2), 267-280.

Verde, I., Abbott, A. G., Scalabrin, S., Jung, S., Shu, S. Q., Marroni, F., Zhebentyayeva, T., Dettori, M. T., Grimwood, J., Cattonaro, F., Zuccolo, A., Rossini, L., Jenkins, J., Vendramin, E., Meisel, L. A., Decroocq, V., Sosinski, B., & Prochnik, S. (2013). The high-quality draft genome of peach (Prunus persica) identifies unique patterns of genetic diversity, domestication and genome evolution. Nature Genetics, 45(5), 487-494.

Verde, I., Bassil, N., Scalabrin, S., Gilmore, B., Lawley, C. T., Gasic, K., Micheletti, D., Rosyara, U. R., Cattonaro, F., Vendramin, E., Main, D., Aramini, V., Blas, A. L., Mockler, T. C., Bryant, D. W., Wilhelm, L., Troggio, M., & Sosinski, B. (2012). Development and Evaluation of a 9K SNP Array for Peach by Internationally Coordinated SNP Detection and Validation in Breeding Germplasm. PLoS One, 7(4).

Jung, S., Cestaro, A., Troggio, M., Main, D., Zheng, P., Cho, I., Folta, K. M., Sosinski, B., Abbott, A., Celton, J. M., Arus, P., Shulaev, V., Verde, I., Morgante, M., Rokhsar, D., Velasco, R., & Sargent, D. J. (2012). Whole genome comparisons of Fragaria, Prunus and Malus reveal different modes of evolution between Rosaceous subfamilies. BMC Genomics, 13.

Arus, P., Verde, I., Sosinski, B., Zhebentyayeva, T., & Abbott, A. G. (2012). The peach genome. Tree Genetics & Genomes, 8(3), 531-547.

Cervantes-Flores, J. C., Sosinski, B., Pecota, K. V., Mwanga, R. O. M., Catignani, G. L., Truong, V. D., Watkins, R. H., Ulmer, M. R., & Yencho, G. C. (2011). Identification of quantitative trait loci for dry-matter, starch, and beta-carotene content in sweetpotato. Molecular Breeding, 28(2), 201-216.

McCord, P. H., Sosinski, B. R., Haynes, K. G., Clough, M. E., & Yencho, G. C. (2011). Linkage mapping and QTL analysis of agronomic traits in tetraploid potato (Solanum tuberosum subsp tuberosum). Crop Science, 51(2), 771-785.

Post, A. R., Ali, R., Krings, A., Xiang, J., Sosinski, B. R., & Neal, J. C. (2011). On the identity of the weedy bittercresses (Cardamine: Brassicaceae) in United States nurseries: Evidence from molecules and morphology. Weed Science, 59(1), 123-135.

McCord, P. H., Sosinski, B. R., Haynes, K. G., Clough, M. E., & Yencho, G. C. (2011). QTL mapping of internal heat necrosis in tetraploid potato. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 122(1), 129-142.

Santa-Maria, M. C., Yencho, C. G., Haigler, C. H., Thompson, W. F., Kelly, R. M., & Sosinski, B. (2011). Starch self-processing in transgenic sweet potato roots expressing a hyperthermophilic alpha-amylase. Biotechnology Progress, 27(2), 351-359.

Molina-Bravo, R., Arellano, C., Sosinski, B. R., & Fernandez, G. E. (2011). A protocol to assess heat tolerance in a segregating population of raspberry using chlorophyll fluorescence. Scientia Horticulturae, 130(3), 524-530.

Lee, T. J., Pascuzzi, P. E., Settlage, S. B., Shultz, R. W., Tanurdzic, M., Rabinowicz, P. D., Menges, M., Zheng, P., Main, D., Murray, J. A. H., Sosinski, B., Allen, G. C., Martienssen, R. A., Hanley-Bowdoin, L., Vaughn, M. W., & Thompson, W. F. (2010). Arabidopsis thaliana chromosome 4 replicates in two phases that correlate with chromatin state. PLoS Genetics, 6(6).

Post, A. R., Neal, J. C., Krings, A., Sosinski, B. R., & Xiang, Q. (2009). New Zealand Bittercress (Cardamine corymbosa; Brassicaceae): New to the United States. Weed Technology, 23(4), 604-607.

Santa-Maria, M. C., Chou, C. J., Yencho, G. C., Haigler, C. H., Thompson, W. F., Kelly, R. M., & Sosinski, B. (2009). Plant cell calcium-rich environment enhances thermostability of recombinantly produced alpha-amylase from the hyperthermophilic bacterium thermotoga maritime. Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 104(5), 947-956.

Santa-Maria, M., Pecota, K. V., Yencho, C. G., Allen, G., & Sosinski, B. (2009). Rapid shoot regeneration in industrial 'high starch' sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas L.) genotypes. Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture, 97(1), 109-117.

Jung, S., Jiwan, D., Cho, I., Lee, T., Abbott, A., Sosinski, B., & Main, D. (2009). Synteny of Prunus and other model plant species. BMC Genomics, 10.

Cervantes-Flores, J. C., Yencho, G. C., Pecota, K. V., Sosinski, B., & Mwanga, R. O. M. (2008). Detection of quantitative trait loci and inheritance of root-knot nematode resistance in sweetpotato. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science, 133(6), 844-851.

Cervantes-Flores, J. C., Yencho, G. C., Kriegner, A., Pecota, K. V., Faulk, M. A., Mwanga, R. O. M., & Sosinski, B. R. (2008). Development of a genetic linkage map and identification of homologous linkage groups in sweetpotato using multiple-dose AFLP markers. Molecular Breeding, 21(4), 511-532.

Tanurdzic, M., Vaughn, M. W., Jiang, H., Lee, T. J., Slotkin, R. K., Sosinski, B., Thompson, W. F., Doerge, R. W., & Martienssen, R. A. (2008). Epigenomic consequences of immortalized plant cell suspension culture. PLoS Biology, 6(12), 2880-2895.

Shulaev, V., Korban, S. S., Sosinski, B., & Abbott, A. G. (2008). Multiple models for Rosaceae genomics. Plant Physiology, 147(3), 985-1003.

Opperman, C. H., Bird, D. M., Williamson, V. M., Rokhsar, D. S., Burke, M., Cohn, J., Cromer, J., Diener, S., Gajan, J., Graham, S., Houfek, T. D., Liu, Q., Mitros, T., Schaff, J., Schaffer, R., Scholl, E., & Sosinski, B. R., Thomas, V. P., et al. (2008). Sequence and genetic map of Meloidogyne hapla: A compact nematode genome for plant parasitism. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 105(39), 14802-14807.

Zhebentyayeva, T. N., Swire-Clark, G., Georgi, L. L., Garay, L., Jung, S., Forrest, S., Blenda, A. V., Blackmon, B., Mook, J., Horn, R., Howad, W., Arus, P., Main, D., Tomkins, J. P., Sosinski, B., Baird, W. V., Reighard, G. L., & Abbott, A. G. (2008). A framework physical map for peach, a model Rosaceae species. Tree Genetics & Genomes, 4(4), 745-756.

Horn, R., McCord, P., & Sosinski, B. (2005). Candidate gene database and transcript map for peach, a model species for fruit trees. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 110(8), 1419-1428.

McGregor, C. E., He, L., Ali, R. M., Sosinski, B., Jankowicz, J., Burg, K., & Labonte, D. R. (2005). The effect of replicate number and image analysis method on sweetpotato [Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.] cDNA microarray results. Plant Molecular Biology Reporter, 23(4), 367-381.

Conference Papers
Yencho, G. C., Pecota, K. V., Schultheis, J. R., & Sosinski, B. R. (2002). Grower-participatory sweetpotato breeding efforts in North Carolina. In T. Ames (Ed.), Proceedings of the first international conference on sweetpotato food and health: Lima, Peru 26-29 July, 2001. (pp. 69-76). Leuven, Belgium: International Society for Horticultural Science.

Sosinski, B., He, L., Cervantes-Flores, J., Pokrzywa, R. M., Bruckner, A., & Yencho, G. C. (2002). Sweetpotato genomics at North Carolina State University. In T. Ames (Ed.), Proceedings of the first international conference on sweetpotato food and health: Lima, Peru 26-29 July, 2001. (pp. 51-60). Leuven, Belgium: International Society for Horticultural Science.

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